If brunching were an Olympic sport, SF would take the gold every time. Brunch is a sacred ritual to San Franciscans. We will wait hours in line for bottomless mimosas, millionares bacon, and an outdoor table on a rare sunshiney day. Sf is also home to a whole lot of neighborhoods. So to make things easy on you, we’ve compiled the must go to brunches in each SF ‘hood. Thank us with mimosas later.

Alamo Square


560 Divisadero St. 

This place does everything right, every time. You’ll need to make a brunch reservation at least ta month in advance, but boy will it be worth it. Their custard stuffed french toast is out of this world delicious, their drinks are classy but strong, and the interior complete with high ceilings provides ideal lighting to make sure you get the best brunch pics possible.

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Eddie’s Cafe

800 Divisadero St.

A neighborhood favorite, and standby, this diner is what I call cozy chic. The lines here speak for how bomb the food is, and the price tag is significantly lower than Nopa’s.


Kitchen Story

3499 16th St.

This place is all about presentation. They’re towering french toast is famous, but they’ve got options for every kind of bruncher from those enchanted by eggs, to those who prefer to drink their brunch (the bloody mary won the people’s choice award in 2016). And you can’t come here without promising to order the millionares bacon, for my sake.


3583 16th St.

They’re famous for their breakfast pizza, which should have you hooked already. Add in a heated patio, locally sourced ingredients and a seasonal menu and you’ve got a brunch spot that is straight up killin the game. Also, their brunch is served till 4 pm, so you can have your brunch, and sleep in too.


215 Church St.

This spot specializes in a little bit of everything. From blueberry pancakes and fresh muffins to eggs benedict and wine mojitos, with a local focus, you’re bound to find at least one meal to love here. They’re a mini chain, but still maintain their homey charm in the Castro outpost.

Cole Valley


941 Cole St.

If the often two hour wait didn’t make it obvious, Zazie is one of the best brunch places, not just in Cole Valley, but in SF itself. One bite of their gingerbread pancakes topped with caramelized pears and lemon curd, and you are sold. They also have a variety of delicious mimosas and a heated back patio. Oh, and they’re dog friendly. Pro tip: the patio in the front is first come first serve seating, and heaters are provided. We won’t judge if you become a brunch vulture here. Well, we will only judge a little.


901 Cole St. 

This Mexican restaurant has some of the best huevos rancheros in town. A lot of their ingredients are sourced from their local nearby farm, so quality over quantity is key here. Their churros and polenta pancakes should not be missed. Their creative brunch cocktails are the cherry on top.

Cow Hollow

Rose’s Cafe

2298 Union St.

Although we know you’re probably not up early on weekends, if you are, Rose’s has you covered since they open early. The pale yellow exterior is cheery and welcoming, and then you eat a breakfast BLT and you’re relatively convinced this is what heaven feels like.

Palm House

2032 Union St.

Two words: adult slushies. As if the weekend needed more reasons to drink at late breakfast. Palm House serves up island inspired eats, and you can add avocado to any meal for $2 so you know a majority of San Francisco is already easily sold on this place. Try the tahitian vanilla waffle, or the riff on biscuits and gravy for ultimate island vibes meet comfort food indulgence.

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Balboa Cafe

3199 Fillmore St.

Mostly known as a bar that middle aged business men utilize to pick up women, this bar does in fact also do a darn entertaining brunch. You’re coming here for the bloody mary’s, known to cure even the gnarliest of hangovers. It’s also great people watching from an outdoor patio.



900 22nd St. 

This upscale Hawaii’n joint serves up food “from the land” which means that they locally and seasonally source all of their ingredients. They provide brunch punch bowls, bloody marys and Hawaii’n twists on doughnuts, french toast, and other classic brunch staples.

Just for You Cafe

732 22nd St.

This old school diner is a neighborhood staple and winds up packed on weekends, which may be why they’re open from 7:30 am to 3 pm. Serving coffee from local fave roaster, Ritual and a menu with a variety of options from chicken and waffles, to breakfast burritos, to beignets and scrambles. There is no way to leave this place hungry or unsatisfied.

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 2495 3rd St.

This upscale eatery is a SF foodie’s heaven. And their brunch is no exception. Choose a breakfast tamale, peach cobbler pancake, or a buttermilk donut with salted caramel icing and you’ve entered brunch heaven. And don’t leave without trying one of the craft cocktails that they’re so well known for. Brb, making my reservation now.



1701 Stockton St.

This well loved restaurant never disappoints. Serving hearty brunch, in a cozy, albeit tourist located space, Mama’s has a way of making you feel at home. There’s an extensive amount of omelettes, as well as some tasty riffs on french toast like cranberry orange, or chocolate cinnamon. Spend your morning here, till the fog (hopefully) burns off and you can walk off some of that food.

Fillmore/Pac Heights

Sweet Maple

2101 Sutter St.

There’s a reason people are willing to wait literally for hours in line here. They’re famous for their millionares bacon, deep fried french toast, and bottomless mimosas. It’s safe to call them the OGs of the SF brunch trend. If you have the time and patience, get your self to Sweet Maple, stat.

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Jane on Fillmore

2123 Fillmore St.

Perhaps your annoying vegan friend is in town, and it’s your job to make sure they enjoy SF brunch and stick to their (clearly psycho) diet. If this is the case, you’re going to Jane. Go ahead, take the pictures of that avocado toast that you kind of don’t want to admit is actually pretty  damn delicious.

Financial District


88 Hardie Pl.

Featuring light, healthy, locally sourced fair and a solid patio, if you must brunch in the FiDi, do it here.



1640 Haight St. 

This place is conveniently close to my apartment, and never has too horrendous of a wait, which I love. They also serve some great coffee, the setting is bright but cozy, and the back patio is dog friendly. I love their Nutella french toast, but if I’m feeling a little “healthier” their french omelette is outta this world good.

Magnolia Gastropub and Brewery

1398 Haight St.

My boyfriend is not from SF, which means that before he met me, he had never even had brunch. I know. To some, that would’ve been a red flag, to me, it was a welcome challenge. So I took him here for his first brunch ever, and to say that it changed his life is actually not an over dramatization. With amazing beers on tap, giant mimosas, and one of the best brunch burgers in town, they did make my job easy. Add in that they’re open literally all day, and we’ve got a winner.

Pork Store Cafe

1451 Haight St.

This tiny space serves up some of the best classic American breakfast food around, for a much lower price tag than pretty much any other brunch place in SF. The lines are inevitably long on weekends, but they’re open weekdays too, so if you happen to be “working from home” one day, stop in for some awesome biscuits and gravy at an even awesomer price.

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Hayes Valley


203 Octavia Blvd.

This place boasts carnival inspired food. How fun is that?! Try the donut breakfast sandwich, or the fried chicken and waffle monte cristo for some possibly heart attack inducing but totally worth it brunch. Then wash it down with the strawberry basil mimosa.

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Chez Maman

401 Gough St.

This french bistro serves up tasty dishes, and the atmosphere makes it pleasant to eat indoors or outdoors. My personal favorite is the croque monsiuer, and it comes with delicious thin cut fries. They also have fabulous crepes, salads, and sandwiches. Try the bellini or mimosas as well.


501 Hayes St.

Now, I don’t frequent any SF chain restaurants too often, as a policy. But Stacks is my exception. Their crab cake benedict is what finally made me a bennie fan, their bacon is crispy every time, and the service is impeccable. Try the pancakes, obviously, but you won’t really go wrong with anything on their menu.

The Marina

The Dorian

2001 Chestnut St.

This place just oozes swag. But in a somehow not over the top pretentious manner. Try the fried chicken and biscuits, the Dorian burger, and/or the billionare’s bacon (ok maybe they’re a little pretentious). Come with a group to enjoy the mimosa experience: first bottle is $40, second is $30, third is $25 and fourth is $20. They also have bloody marys or a breakfast gimlet if you just aren’t feeling mimosas (is that a thing?!).

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2150 Chestnut St.

The millionares bacon continues. The bottomless mimosas here are no joke, so drink with caution. They have everything and anything to eat here though, from giant pots of noodles, to pancakes, to burgers. No one will leave hungry or (probably) sober.


 2346 Chestnut St.

This place has one of the best burgers in town. But if you want to branch out, try the lemon ricotta pancakes, or chilaquiles. Enjoy mimosas stronger, lower cal cousin, the screwdriver, while you’re at it. Just make sure at least one person gets the breakfast burger. And adds avocado to it.

Seed + Salt

2240 Chestnut St. 

This hipster joint serves healthy brunch that’s vegan and actually delicious. I had the taco salad last time and LOVED it. They also have a vegan nutella brownie that is bomb AF. So good you might actually have to give your annoying vegan friend credit for making you go here.

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The Mission

Mission Beach Cafe

198 Guerrero St.

Casual and tasty mission eatery, known for its brunch and grammable food shots. Drink a mimosa the size of your head, eat the crab benedict and then stroll over to Bi Rite if you still have room for ice cream.

Universal Cafe

2814 19th St.

A mix of healthy food options as well as some classic brunch comforts, this place is well known for good reason. With options for the vegans and gluten free monsters people of this world, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who dislikes this place.

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Foreign Cinema

2534 Mission St.

Home made “pop tarts,” croque monsiuers, scrambles, and a solid burger make this artsy joint a stand out for brunch fare (or dinner or dessert or a movie). They also have fun craft cocktails, because this is SF people.

Nob Hill

Mymy Cafe

1500 California St.

Mymy is your typical local diner, except so much better. There are bottomless mimosas, obviously. As well as epic pancakes and funky ice cream flavors.


1494 California St.

An upscale casual restaurant, with a local and organic focus. Utilizing seasonal ingredients, the menu is constantly changing. Most importantly, and in a very non SF fashion, they offer reservations for brunch. Try the avo toast, obviously.

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Farm: Table

754 Post St.

This (you guessed it) farm to table focused cafe is simplicity at its best. Featuring an extensive amount of beverages from nutella lattes to classic cappuccinos, this a place to eat, drink, and be merry for sure. They have daily tartes, toasts, and other pastries so you may never get the same thing twice. They’re also super pet friendly, so bring your pup along.

Friends with Benedicts Pop Up

1433 Polk St.

What started as a pop up has expanded to three outposts of eggy goodness! There are over 100 themed menus to choose from any given day- SO MANY CHOICES. But it’s all tasty AF so you can’t go wrong. Variety is the spice of life after all.

Noe Valley

Chloe’s Cafe

1399 Church St.

This cozy chic diner creates out the door lines every damn weekend, and with good reason. They have famous banana walnut pancakes, vegetarian options, and outdoor seating. There’s also a full lunch and breakfast menu, and friendly service to boot. Daaamn, Chloe.

Griddle Fresh

4007 24th St.

With an emphasis on beverages (yes please to a red velvet latte) and classic diner fare, this place stands out with an emphasis on quality “American” food, this is a mom and pop place you could take your mom and pop. Plus, pancakes for days.

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North Beach

Park Tavern

1652 Stockton St. 

Surprisingly trendy and new school considering its old school North Beach locale. Sporting a variety of toasts, the infamous Marlowe burger, and fun cocktails that go beyond mimosas to include the hummingbird and a Paloma. Feel classy AF here and eat like a damn queen.

Don Pistos

 510 Union St.

This Mexican restaurant boasts a rustic exposed brick exterior, killer tacos and and option to have interchangable bottomless sangria, mimosas, AND margaritas for just $21. How am I not already here?! Oh right, its a weekday… long live the weekend folks.

Outer Sunset


4001 Judah St.

The one and only brunch place where I can tell you a nearly three hour wait is worth it. Grab a coffee from Andytown Coffee Roasters and take a walk to kill time. The fog isn’t going anywhere, and neither are you. Get the famous eggs in jail (their spin on eggs in a hole) and the dutch pancake.

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Presidio Social Club

563 Ruger St.

This place is classy AF. The walls are whitewashed, there are fancy plants indoors, and the cocktails are ridiculously pretty. There’s also an outdoor deck with twinkle lights for when it’s warm out. Get the brioche beignets and the gruyere cheese toasts.


Dottie’s True Blue Cafe

28 6th St.

A legitimately above average diner. The pastries are made fresh daily, so get one or a bunch, but specifically get the pecan french toast and/or sticky bun. There will be a wait, but this is SF after all people, you’re used to it.

Little Skillet

360 Ritch St.

An offshoot of Farmerbrown, Little Skillet serves up dang tasty chicken and waffles (and so do these places) plus some tasty lemonades and cocktails. They’ve also now bargained for space in the bar/restaurant next door so you’re no longer forced to grab and go.

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500 Brannan St.

The Marlowe burger is famous in this town, but try even more tasty stuff at brunch. Try the buttermilk pancakes, topped with smoked butter, crumbled bacon, and maple syrup, as well as the house made doughnuts and candied bacon. Wash it down with a Pimm’s cup or a Lavender gin fizz.

Union Square


Hotel Metropolis, 25 Mason St.

This place has infamous brunch waits. But put your name on the list, walk over and grab blue bottle from the cart, and head back to get ready to dig into soul food and bottomless mimosas. There is a two hour limit on the bottomless mimosas so drink fast. Get the chicken and waffles too, they’ll change your life. Oh, and the mimosas are mimostly champagne, so #blessup Farmerbrown.

Mr. Holme’s Bakehouse

1042 Larkin St. You’d have to literally live under a rock to not know about the cruffin. Mr. Holmes made it and people are coming in hot to grab them plus other tasty pastries. But come early because they will sell out. Also, get a sign with the illuminated sign and tiled floor.

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 620 Jones St.

This might just be one of SF’s best kept brunch secrets. With a heated patio that provides prime people watching on Geary street, as well as a wide variety of cocktails, and a nutella stuffed french toast, get thyself here stat. The lack of line will leave you SHOOKETH.

Start your weekend plans group chat now, and decide on which one of these places you’re going to brunch it up at. Go ham (and egg) on it.

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