There are few things more interesting than a mystery artist who draws people in public. After stumbling upon artist Hamilton Cline’s series of BART and Muni sketches, we asked him a few questions about himself and his work!

Hamilton Cline

UpOut: Tell us a little about yourself – career, favorite restaurants, hobbies?
Hamilton Cline: I’ve been in SF for about five years now. I am a web tech teacher at the Academy of Art University. I think Boulevard has a fantastic cheese platter, but I’m especially partial to Mona Lisa for dinner. I tend to get coffee and a sandwich at The Roastery. Mostly I enjoy walking the city. I love downtown, and I’ve walked probably every street by now.

UpOut: When did you start doing these sketches?
HC: I’ve always drawn people – I was a caricaturist in parks such as Valleyfair and Knotts Berry Farm. Drawing on the BART or MUNI keeps me spry and passes the time.

UpOut: Is it challenging to sketch on moving transportation? Do little mistakes just end up being worked into the composition?
HC: Muni can be rough, but BART is pretty smooth. There are no mistakes, only happy accidents. But digital lets me erase.

UpOut: What medium do you use?
HC: These days I mostly draw digital on my Samsung Note 3 in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. I use a lot of microns, though, a lot of copics and prismacolors. I also use a lot of Japanese brushpens, pilots and pentels.

Hamilton Cline
UpOut: How do you pick who to draw?
HC: Generally you pick someone who doesn’t look like they’ll move. Usually someone looking at their phone playing a game.

UpOut: Do you tell the person you are sketching that you are drawing them?
HC: Nope.

UpOut: How do people tend to react when they realize you are drawing them?
HC: Most don’t notice. Those that do, react a number of ways. I’m sure many pick up and leave although it could just have been their stop. Many continuously look up to see if, yes, I do keep looking at them. Most continue on as if nothing is happening.

UpOut: Any awkward encounters?
HC: The only awkward one would be a guy that I showed the drawing to as he was leaving and he told me I should’ve asked first. Not too awkward I guess, just the only one that ever said anything less than thankful.

UpOut: Anything else you want the world to know?
HC: Practice is an everyday thing. I’m sketching one Instagrammer every day this year. It’s less important that you make a resolution, and much more important that you set a schedule.

Hamilton Cline
Hamilton Cline
bartsketches7Hamilton Cline

bartsketches8Hamilton Cline
bartsketches9Hamilton Cline

bartsketches11Hamilton Cline

Keep up with Hamilton Cline on Twitter, Instagram, and on his website. Maybe one day you’ll find yourself on there!

bartsketches12 2Hamilton Cline

Update on 8/3/15:

bartsketches13Hamilton Cline

All images courtesy of Hamilton Cline.

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