The Color Factory, 575 Sutter Street, opened doors this week blowing up SF’s Instagrams with a rainbow of selfie worthy backdrops and props.

The two-story pop-up museum is one of the largest temporary immersive experiences to open in San Francisco. It features rooms dedicated to each color in the rainbow and interactive exhibits like a scratch-n-sniff wall and a human-sized Lite Bright Magic Screen.

Unfortunately, as of this moment, all of the museum’s August dates are sold out. However, don’t fret too much, The Color Factory is planning to extend through September.

If that’s the case, September promises to be packed full of Instagrammable opportunities. Yesterday we revealed the Museum of Ice Cream, a massive success in LA and NY, will also be setting up a pop-up experience in San Francisco.

Here’s what’s inside.


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Everything Within the Rainbow


Confetti Room!


10,000 Ribbons!

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Giant Lite-Brite!


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Everything Outside of the Rainbow

The Color Factory doesn’t end within the walls of XXX. At the end of the journey, guests receive a map to 17 colorful locations around the city. Here’s a sneak peek at Erin Jang’s Chinatown mural.

In front of my mural. I just finished it yesterday. It’s called Chinatown Flavor, and it’s my love letter to every Chinatown I have ever known. There are 22 steps in this alley and each step and stripe of wall beside it is something my family loves to eat. There are stripes for egg tarts and chicken feet (my eldest son’s favorites), congee with 1,000-year-old-egg (which our youngest devours). Milk tea with boba (late at night with my sister), mapo tofu (with my parents, the spicier the better), and pea pod stems (which my husband taught me to love). Stinky tofu (which I will never forget trying for the first time with my in-laws) and pig ear (for my sister-in-law and her kids who love to snack on them). This might be one of my favorite things to have worked on for @colorfactoryco. (To find the mural, make sure you get the neighborhood map at the end of Color Factory. There are 17 color-themed experiences hidden throughout the city, one of them being this mural.) #colorfactoryco

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The Color Factory

The Color Factory

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