Going out for a night of drinking doesn’t have to mean dressing up all fancy and keeping the whole “I’m an adult” vibe going. There are plenty of SF bars that cater to the Peter Pans among us—those that became of legal drinking age, but kept some of that kid spirit around. To wit, here are bars where you can drink and play games, at the same time. Have fun, San Francisco.


2200 Market Street

Roll up, grab a beer off their long craft list, turn that cash into quarters, and game your heart out on 21 classic arcade games, from PacMan to pinball. And don’t worry about figuring out where to put down your drink—there are cupholders on every game to store your beer while you play.

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Soda Popinski’s

1548 California Street

In addition to an amusing “Wheel of Misfortune” where you can pay to spin and land on either a drink from hell (like a cement mixer or a prairie fire, which consist of Bailey’s Irish Cream and lime juice or vodka and tabasco sauce, respectively) or, if you’re lucky, something a bit better (bottle of champagne, anyone?), they’ve got an N64 at the back with Mario Party and other games.

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Mission Bowling Club

3176 17th Street

That activity you loved as a kid, now made much more appealing for adults! Bring a group to this little boutique bowling spot, grab one of their craft cocktails, then bring them up to the lanes and start bowling. Oh, and they’ve got a killer brunch and breakfast cocktail menu, so if you want to do a round of Sunday Bloody Marys and fried chicken then work it off through bowling, that might not be a bad way to spend the weekend.

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Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem

2323 Mission Street

Load up with a drink and tatchos (tater tot nachos, of course), then, if it’s nice out, play some cornhole on the back patio. If the weather isn’t great, you can always stay inside and play shuffleboard.

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The Willows

1582 Folsom Street

This little SoMa bar offers a pool table, pinball machines, and board games to boot. With plenty of drinks and full meals to nosh on, you’ll be sated while you go into the ninth round of your game.

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Urban Putt

1096 S Van Ness Ave

Welcome to a magical bar where you can grab a drink and then try your hand at a whimsically-built, delightful indoor mini golf course. Do note you can’t bring your drinks onto the course, but you can have the loser buy you one once you’re done—and perhaps even a fried chicken and waffle skewer from the restaurant upstairs.

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Elbo Room

647 Valencia Street

Though this spot is always threatening to bite the dust, it lives on for now as a great Mission bar to grab a drink, play on their multiple pinball machines, take tipsy photos in their photo booth, then head upstairs to dance the night away to live music.

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