After hearing some rumors that San Francisco is a “bad pizza town”, we just had to compile a list of some of our favorite slices. Sure, the city might not be the best pizza town, and yeah, good, reasonably-priced pizza used to be more difficult to find than parking. But in recent years, San Francisco certainly has had its fair share of deliciously warm and cheesy pizza.

So let’s take it away. Here are some of the best Bay Area pizzas —not ranked in any particular order.


1. Cheese Board Collective

Located in North Berkeley, Cheeseboard only serves one kind of pizza every day. Their pizzas are always vegetarian, but to all meat-eaters out there — don’t let that stop you. This pizza is worth the hype, and for $22, you can get your hands on the entire pie. If possible, you should try eating in, as they hire tone-setting musicians to play right in front of you.

2. Golden Boy Pizza

If you’re a fan of buttery, crunchy pizza, this place is a definite must-go. With a focaccia-like crust topped with a combination of both unique and classic toppings, it’s no wonder that locals and tourists alike rave about it.

3. Una Pizza Napoletana

Pay homage to the OG pizza from Italy — this authentic spot located in San Francisco near South of Market offers you just the perfect Neapolitan pizza. Tell your taste buds to watch out — some critics claim this pizzeria offers the best slice of pie in America.

4. Little Star

This pizzeria, located in the heart of San Francisco, is best known for their deep-dish pies. Their crust, albeit being on the thinner side, is golden and rich with the perfect amount of sauce and toppings. If you’re not a fan of deep-dish pies, they also carry a diverse selection of hot and fresh thin-crust slices — so worry not, my friend, they’ve got you covered.

5. Pizzeria Delfina

With more than four different locations scattered throughout the Bay Area, Pizzeria Delfina has made quite an impression on pizza connoisseurs everywhere. Their pizza is of top-notch quality, with a crust that is both soft and crispy at the same time. Its location in the Mission is conveniently right next to BiRite Creamery, making it the perfect place for a delicious combination of pizza and ice-cream.

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6. Emilia’s Pizzeria

Apparently, eating a slice of Emilia’s pizza is what they call a 4D experience. Located in Berkeley, Emilia offers what loyal customers claim is a real New York slice. Though you kind of have to plan your whole day around picking up the pizza, it’s definitely and absolutely worth it.

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7. Tony’s Pizza Napoletana

Also located in the heart of San Francisco, this pizzeria has yelpers gushing over it from left to right. Though the pizza is supposedly heavenly, some other menu favorites include the pasta genovese, as well as the meatball appetizer.

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If any of these sound appealing to you, SoMa Food Street is hosting a “SF Pizza FestNow go out there and enjoy a slice — you deserve it.


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