French fries are like nutella, you can’t hate them, and if you do you’re probably psychotic. So in order to ensure you celebrate national french fry day to its fullest on July 13, we’ve compiled a list on where the best potatoes can be found in the city. Grab your ketchup and get eatin’.

1. 4505 Meats

705 Divisadero St

They do killer meat. They do killer sides. You’re going here and you’re getting their fries. They pack just the right punch due to the herbal chimichurri dressing and spicy chili oil. Because you’re not allowed to eat bbq this good without fries that are on par.

2. Mikkeller Bar

34 Mason St.

The origin of French fries is actually more likely to be Belgian than French. And they’re doing that legacy justice here. Boiled, then fried twice and served with a killer malt vinegar mayo, you’re not going to want to skip these fries. With a long list of international beers on hand, we suggest spending your sweet time here. It’s what the Belgians would want.

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3. Nopa

560 Divisadero St.

Is there anything that Nopa can’t do? No, no there is not. Because everything is amazing on their menu, the fries are no exception. Crisp outside, fluffly inside, ideal dipping sauces. Nopa has gotchu covered, today and erryday.

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4. Spruce

3640 Sacramento St.

I am convinced that duck fat is a solution to all cooking problems. Case in point: these fries. Fried in duck fat for indulgent flavor and a perfect crisp to oily ratio, you’re having these fries. No. Questions. Asked.

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5. Starbelly

3583 16th St,

You know that when Micahel Bauer calls these some of the best in the city, that they will never disappoint you. I know, the same can’t be said about your last or current boyfriend. Not everyone can be a french fry. But if they could, they’d be these Kennebec babes, and they’d be a solid ten every time. All other fries would quake in their boots. Plus they come with some fire dipping sauces: Old Bay mayo, basil aioli, and house-made ketchup.

6. Wise Sons

3150 24th Street

736 Mission St.

1520 Fillmore St (@ Geary)

Truly one of a kind, wise sons pastrami fries deserve to be on this list. So. Much. Cheese fries are undoubtedly amazing. But what if you added pastrami to cheese fries? Wise Sons did, and you owe them a very big thank you. Now go eat your fries, because you too are a wise human, and wise humans eat only the best fries.

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7. Namu Gaji 

499 Dolores St.

So popular they had to put them on the lunch and brunch menus, and if you ask real politely they might make em special for dinner. These fries are covered in all the good stuff: kewpie, teriyaki, gochujang, kimchee relish, bulgogi beef. Dig. The. Eff. In.

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8. Super Duper

Multiple locations

They’re skinny, and cheesy, and garlicky and perfect. Oh, and cheap by SF standards. College students, we gotchu and your budget covered.

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9. Park Tavern

1652 Stockton St

These are the epitome of indulgent. Because seriously, $14 for FRIES? Do I LOOK like Kim Kardashian with money to spend on that ish? No, no I do not. But then you realize the beauty of dipping your fancy fries into a soft-boiled egg topped with caviar and you settle into the idea of a vanishing balance in your bank account. And it was worth it.

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10. AT & T Park

24 Willie Mays Plaza 

This list wouldn’t be complete without these legendary garlic fries. Almost as well known as the team itself, these fries are best enjoyed with a cold beer in a front row seat, where you won’t even mind if you don’t catch a fly ball cause you’re already holding the best thing the stadium has to offer.

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11. Roam Artisan Burgers

1785 Union Street (between Octavia and Gough)

1923 Fillmore Street (between Bush and Pine)

It’s the definition of beef and boujee. It may be known for its burgers, but you’d be a dang fool to skip out on these fries. The Robin to these burgers Batman, you can’t leave them behind (plus they’ve got a better outfit than Robin did)

12. Garaje

475 3rd St.

Didn’t think Mexican food and fries could collide? You thought wrong. Their carne asada fries are all you could hope for and more. A crispy fry foundation, topped with juicy meat, fresh salsa, and the guac of your dreams (of course it’s extra, but then again, so am I.) I could high key live off these forever and be perfectly happy.

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13. Marlowe

500 Brannan St.

Their burger is the standout at this restaurant. But their fries are the younger sibling working real hard to get out of their shadow. And to be honest, they are thisclose. Do your burger and fries craving justice and get thy butt here noweth.

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14. Aquitaine

175 Sutter St.

I know, you weren’t expecting a wine bar on this list. But get this: their fries come in a friggin wooden shoe. How dope is that?! Also they’re only $6 at happy hour and pair perfectly with that glass of wine you deserve.

fries-clog-1           Courtesy of Aquitaine website

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