July 10 is National Pina Colada Day and San Francisco has no lack of places to celebrate. If you like Pina Coladas, but not getting caught in the rain, this list is for you.

1. Anina, Hayes Valley

482 Hayes St

Newcomer Anina has already gotten itself a good rep as the go to bar for chill island vibes. Complete with cocktails, spritzers, beer in bottle or can form, wines, and an airy patio, Anina is where you go when you just want to say aloha to your long Monday.

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2.  The Tonga Room at the Fairmont Hotel, Downtown

950 Mason St This list wouldn’t be complete without this tiki bar standby. Since 1945 the Tonga room has served up island kitsch with impeccable taste. My parents had one of their first dates here, and still take my sister and me back to relive their good old days. But with a room that literally rains inside, I’ve never complained. Hit up happy hour from 5-7 and indulge in a rum heavy cocktail & some delish pupus that will make you forget about those 5,000 work emails, if just for a minute. This is where you go if you like pina coladas AND getting caught in the (indoor) rain. 

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3. Pagan Idol, Downtown

375 Bush St

Some say Tiki is a lifestyle, and Pagan Idol is here to live it up. From Bourbon and Branch and aforementioned Tonga Room founders, comes the island bar of your dreams. If you like fire,  punch bowls, and an immersive experience, this is the place for you. Come for the drinks, stay for the chill time meets party time vibes.

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4. Smugglers Cove, Hayes Valley

650 Gough St

This place is not for the faint of heart, and its drinks have a 98% chance of giving you a gnarly hangover; but the thoughtful and not excessively sweet cocktails, plus decor that’ll have you feeling like you might have just stepped onto the Black Pearl, make this dive bar the perfect place go to and say mahalo, it’s Friday.

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5. Palm House, The Marina

2032 Union St

For those who prefer their tiki with a side of class, I present to you The Palm House. Complete with a literal palm tree on the patio, and a legitimately great happy hour, this is where you go to post classy umbrella drinks on your snapchat complete with #islandvibes

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6. Trad’r Sam, Inner Richmond

6150 Geary St

You probably (definitely) went here in college to get sloshed off of the punch bowls. That being said, you’ll love this bar because it delivers exactly what it promises: an island dive bar in the heart of SF. It may not present the class of Smuggler’s Cove or forbidden island, but the drinks are strong and cheap, and what more could you ask for out of a bar than that?

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7. Luau Lounge, Pier 39

2 Beach St, Pier 39 

Clocking in at number 10 on this list is Lua Lounge. Don’t let its Pier 39 location deter you, because inside this bar you’ll find big, strong mai tais, and views of the bay and Alcatraz that can make the memories of your less than pleasant work day sail off into the ocean you’re gazing at.

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