Recent political debacles have many Americans considering moving to Canada. With the constant increase in both societal tension and housing markets, we can’t help but dream of affordable solitude.

Take a gander at these Canadian islands that are almost the same price as apartments in San Francisco.

Where would you rather live?

1. This 2.29-acre island off of Ontario…
The adorable, private island is just over $586,000. Complete with a boathouse and cottage, there’s just enough space for a happy, Trump-free life.

or this 639 square foot apartment in San Francisco.
At $650,000, the one bedroom, one bathroom apartment is simple and cozy. But where will you pull all of your boats?

2. This gorgeous, $594,000 Nova Scotian island…
The 6.50-acre island includes a turnkey, 2,300 square foot house with heated flooring and spa-like bathrooms. Enjoy the luxurious privacy while still being minutes away from the mainland. Just close your eyes and let the memories of Trump fade away.

or this $699,000 one bedroom apartment.
This 720 square foot apartment is located on Haight Street. It includes one parking spot and an HOA fee of $318 a month. Sigh.

3. This charming, seven-acre island in New Brunswick…
Connected to the mainland by a gated road, this private yet convenient island boasts a 3,500 square foot house. At just over $745,000, this island could host all of your family and friends.

or this Inner Sunset condo with one bedroom and one and a half bathrooms.
The open-concept, 1,134 square foot condo costs just under $800,000. With an updated, modern kitchen and private parking, this listing is everything you need… if you can afford it.

4. This Georgian Bay dream home…
Just minutes away from a private tennis club and other amenities, the $1.2 million dollar island is a humble one acre. The property includes vegetable gardens and an adorable cottage with large decks for entertaining. Sign me up!

or this downtown SF party pad.
Enjoy stunning views from the 17th floor along with a pool, gym, conference center, and 24-hour doorman. The two bedroom, two bathroom apartment costs just under 1.3 million dollars. What a bargain!

5. This serene island in Quebec…
With five cabins to spare, the main house alone is 4,000 square feet. Coming in at just over 1.3 million dollars, the stunning views and pristine water make this private island an ideal family vacation spot.

or this trendy Hayes Valley loft.
At $1,749,000, the two bedroom, two and a half bathroom, industrial-style loft could be on the cover of a design magazine. Of the 2,075 square feet, not one corner is untouched. The home occupies three stories with two parking spots and two master suites.. for you and your best friend, of course!

6. This 13 million dollar island that could be your own small country…
Stretching over 155 acres, this undeveloped land off of British Columbia is perfect for starting an entirely new, Trumpless colony. It’s permitted two single-family dwellings, a church, a school, buildings, and parks. So… if you and a thousand of your closest friends each pitch in $13,000, you could totally make it happen!

or this 14 million dollar apartment overlooking San Francisco.
This two bedroom, two and a half bathroom condo is fit for God. Complete with everything you could ever dream of, step in here and you’ll never want to leave. And only a 14 million dollar starting price? Psh, chump change! Or Trump change…


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