If you’ve lived here for a while, the geography of San Francisco is easy to picture in your head—a little peninsula jutting out of the bottom with two bridges and a few islands. But a map doesn’t have to just be a map. Artists can bring that relatively simple depiction to life, carving out landmarks and neighborhoods of their choosing while imbuing the bird’s eye view of SF with distinct details. Each perspective gives the city a slightly different spin, which is why illustrated maps of San Francisco are so fun to look at, as each interpretation leads to wildly different looks.

See the same exact area of land treated in 21 original ways, and appreciate the city from multiple points of view:

6616670d15eb5f436610834bde3b31e8By Christina Song
SF neighborhoodsBy Chloe Fleury
SF_printCarissa Potter & Heather Van Winckle
ce34dea52a6b11c9fb99cf4fb304bca2By Heather Gatley
Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 11.03.38 AMBy Robert Littleford
Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 11.40.06 AMBy Maria Rabinky
San-Francisco-Illustrated-City-Map-Art-Print-by-Marisa-SeguinBy Marisa Seguin
36f6ffe92fabbff458d29b969d5e4ef6By Anna Simmons

3662738910_8657d9b36a_bBy Samantha Hahn

3509185697_d09428dde0_oBy Deth P. Sun
awesome-web-design-abby-putinski-001By Abby Putinski
02f53dd62fb1ea0112344cf7b470a257By Anna Simmons
theopencompanymaps_sanfrancisco_800px_oBy Borgarmynd, Aen Tan, and Eric Meltzer
751ae16d386557702a7b7bb26b3d58e8By Livi Gosling
mapBy Katie Kerpel
san-francisco-map-illustration-printsBy Clare Lordon
17By Wendy MacNaughton
SanFranTrinityBy Anna Simmons
b50c2980dd43ada2-map1webBy Jordan Sondler
edward-juan-sanfrancisco-print-lgBy Edward Juan

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