Ah, BART: it’s the public transport system we all know and love. Well, love is a strong word—but at the very least we’re familiar with its ways. Whether you take it every day, or even just a few days a week, certain thoughts dawn on you. Here are a few musings every San Francisco Bay Area resident has had while riding BART.

1. That seat doesn’t have anything on it, but I have a weird feeling about it, so I’m not going to take my chances.

2306115831_695d782242_byoungthousands via Flickr

2. I really wish this guy wasn’t holding the lower part of the metal handrail below me, because my arm is starting to hurt up here.

3. What the hell is he saying over the intercom? It sounds like he’s gargling underwater.

4. Does that guy really need his suitcase/backpack/[insert large item here] to take up a seat? I’ll just stare over at him judgingly until he moves it.

5113348046_7230e5ea13_bAgentAkit via Flickr

5. Please let this be the stop of one of the people who has a seat in here.

6. Crap, where did I put my Clipper card/ticket?

8124052619_4ac779a799_k (1)Rafael Castillo via Flickr

7. Do I have enough on my Clipper card to make it to the other side? Let’s find out.

8. Here comes the guy who likes to travel between every car. We’ll never know what he’s searching for.

9. These dancing guys are entertaining, but I never carry cash.

4741761004_2801fd51fc_bZac Bowling via Flickr

10. How many times have you ridden BART and still don’t know to wait until everyone has exited the train before getting on?!

11. Ugh, my Clipper ONLY runs out of money when I’m late for something.

12. PEW! Looks like I’ll be holding my breath for this ride.

13. Genius idea: if people moved into the aisles, we wouldn’t all be packed in the middle of the car like this.

552741526_2f96342a24_bmidiman via Flickr

14. Hey, that person is pretty cute/hot. I’ll just casually look in that direction every now and then.

15. This train is packed, but I’ll definitely fit if I just squeeze myself in.

Which classic #BARTthoughts are we missing?

[Featured Image: Rafael Castillo via Flickr]

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