We all know San Francisco is a strikingly lovely city, but too often we get caught up in the hustle and bustle and don’t always appreciate the simple beauties. These cinemagraphs help remind us of that.

Now you might be wondering to yourself, “What the hell is a cinemagraph?” Not to be confused with a GIF, a cinemagraph looks like a still photo except with small elements still in motion. It also loops perfectly and seamlessly — the result is an almost eerie, quiet scene that can perfectly encapsulate a moment.

The term was coined by U.S. photographers Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck who first started making them in 2011; Burg told TIME in 2014 that he thinks of one as “a living photograph.”

They are usually in GIF format (which is why they often just get called GIFs), but they can also be in a looping video format. They are produced by either taking a series of photographs or a video, and then editing them to be a seamless loop of frames with one or a few select elements remaining in motion.

Now let’s get to it.

1. One of the best views in town: Twin Peaks.

Myriad Moods

2. The light shimmer of the water.

tumblr_ltjmx64wCi1qzua6io1_500Chris Buongiorno

3. Dodging Cable Cars.

404281bfc63a68518e23b2b3ef39e38eMarcello Maiorana

4. The lush Japanese Tea Garden.

Jiat90H - Imgurvia Reddit

5. Forever stuck at a red light.

pLJZWCMvia Reddit

6. A light breeze in the bay.


7. The hypnotic Bay Bridge lights.

via Reddit

8. The slight rustle of trees at the Palace of Fine Arts.

Myriad Moods

9. A glimmer of action at night.

AYg2Ovia Reddit

10. Happy to live in this beautiful place.

Cinemagraph-testvia C.E.B. Imagery

11. Zippy, chaotic diagonal lines indicating lane changes.

tumblr_mp1hs8KGca1r5h04to1_500via Tumblr

[Featured Image: Myriad Moods]

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