There’s a lot to explore as a couple in the city, but it’s easy to hit up the same spots over and over. Break out of the habit of your usual haunts with a few of the most creative, unusual dates San Francisco has to offer.

Take a haunted tour of Pacific Heights.

The San Francisco Ghost Hunt Walking Tour is exactly what it sounds like—you and your date will get to learn about the creepiest parts of San Francisco’s past in a neighborhood filled with spooky old mansions. In addition to some cool ghost stories, you’ll get the perfect opportunity to hold each other tightly if one or both of you get freaked out.

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Track down the wild parrots of Telegraph Hill.

Yep—there’s a flock of bonafide wild parrots in San Francisco that were imported from South America and later either escaped or were set free. They roam Telegraph Hill and are pretty easy to spot due to their bright red masks and vibrant green bodies. You’ll take an urban hike up the hill and have fun searching for exotic birds right in the city, and catch beautiful views of the water to boot.

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Learn how to make cheese at The Cheese School in the Mission.

Yes, we have an official cheese school here, which features lots fun classes centered around the dairy product. While The Cheese School offers courses in how to pair beer or wine with cheese and one course devoted just to mac and cheese (yes!), the cheesemaking courses let you learn how to make your favorites then send you home with the goods. It’s not a cheap date, but a fun one if you’ve been together for a while and want to try something new and hands-on together.

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Try a round of archery in Golden Gate Park.

There’s an archery range inside Golden Gate Park that’s free to use with your own equipment. You and your date can stop by the nearby San Francisco Archery Shop beforehand to rent equipment for the day and get a short lesson on how to use them. Then, head on over to the park and fire away.

Test your knowledge of America’s favorite cartoon family at Simpsons Trivia Night in Bernal Heights.

There are lots of cool trivia nights throughout the city worth trying, but this Simpsons-themed one at The Knockout is totally in its own category. Hosted every fourth Sunday, the bar serves Duff Beer, play episodes of the show, and asks all kinds of questions that will have you jogging your memory. For the couple that loves to laugh together and have watched too many episodes to count, this is an ideal way to spend an evening. Oh, and they encourage you to bring your own donuts. Mmm…donuts. 

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Sip an espresso, drink from a coconut, and munch on some toast on Ocean Beach.

Coconuts on the beach are standard. But paired with toast, and an espresso, on a foggy day? That’s an only in San Francisco experience which can be had at Trouble Coffee, a legendary spot that serves this beautiful trifecta a few blocks from the water. Grab the three with your date and sit on the beach for a magical experience.

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Escape from one of the original American puzzle rooms in Japantown.

At Real Escape Room, you’ll spend a thrilling hour and a half locked in a room with only cryptic clues letting you know how to get out. It’s a good way to work together as a couple by putting your heads together to solve puzzles. While this is not the only escape room in San Francisco, or even in the country, this particular one is unique to here because the founder brought the company over straight from Japan a few years ago, where the trend originated in the first place (hence its location in the city). So you’ll be trying out one of the rooms that brought the idea to popularity here, which is definitely a cool experience, on top of the puzzle room itself.


Sing along to your favorite Disney movies at the Castro Theatre.

Every month or so the beautiful Castro Theatre hosts a sing along party, where old films are played on the big screen and the audience sings together during all the musical numbers. Joining in on the crowd to sing along to nostalgic Disney classics like Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and others is the perfect way to do the whole movie date thing with an awesome twist.

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Bounce around at House of Air in the Presidio.

You’ll feel like kids again bouncing around for an hour on a bunch of huge trampolines. For an active date that’s not the usual bike rental (or what have you), House of Air is where it’s at.

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Rent a paddleboat on Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park.

This one’s an oldie, but still a goodie, and definitely more unusual than just a hike in Golden Gate Park. Climb aboard, sit side by side, and chat while streaming past ducks and turtles and taking in the relaxing surrounding nature.

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Unwind in each other’s company to the sounds of the Wave Organ in the Marina.

This odd structure sits right on the water and translates the sound of the crashing waves into music. For a more relaxing date, head out here after dinner, watch the water, and listen.

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