For anyone who is forever enamored by how gorgeous San Francisco is, there are plenty of accounts that’ll let you get your fix of breathtaking shots regularly. From San Francisco-based photographers who know just the right spots to capture that perfect panorama to accounts that use hashtags to select some of the most stunning imagery of the city, here are some of the best Instagrams to follow for unabashed San Francisco-philes.

(Note: As we know that this is by no means an extensive list, tell us about your favorite San Francisco accounts below in the comments!)

Bruce Getty

Handle: @gettyphotography

While he’ll have shots of other locales sprinkled in, this account has some of our favorite sunrise and sunset images of the city.

Henry Lee

Handle: @sfstateofmind24

This San Francisco native knows what he’s doing, and takes some particularly eye-catching night shots.

A photo posted by Henry Lee (@sfstateofmind24) on


Handle: @nowrongwaysf

An aggregate account run by photographer Oscar Nilsson, nowrongwaysf features a whole range of photographers capturing SF from their unique vantage points for a diverse feed.

Lisa Bao

Handle: @lisabao

In between pretty nature stills you’ll find stunning shots of SF, sometimes taken from dizzying heights.

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Sam Graves

Handle: @thesamgraves

You probably won’t find a photographer with crisper images of the city. The San Francisco-based shooter specializes in mesmerizing, high resolution captures.

A photo posted by Sam Graves (@thesamgraves) on

Wild Bay Area

Handle: @wildbayarea

This account is a mix of Bay Area natural landscapes and cityscapes from all different photographers, featuring plenty of shots of sea and sky—especially sunsets.

A photo posted by Wild Bay Area (@wildbayarea) on

Mike Cohen

Handle: @mjcohenphoto

He calls himself an “aspiring photographer” on his Instagram bio, but one look through his stunning shots of the city (especially the Golden Gate Bridge) and you’ll see it’s an understatement.

A photo posted by Mike Cohen (@mjcohenphoto) on

Toby Harriman

Handle: @tobyharriman

We’ve featured this SF-based photographer a fair amount of times on our blog, and it’s for good reason. Simply put, his images of San Francisco are consistently spectacular and keep us coming back.


Handle: @onlyinsf

In addition to pretty, zoomed-out captures of the city, this aggregate account mixes in smaller moments too, like a nice dinner, an interesting wall mural, and other eye-catching SF moments.

A photo posted by San Francisco (@onlyinsf) on

Carl Wilson

Handle: @sbdunkscarl

Carl Wilson, a Bay Area-based photographer, has gotten some pretty epic captures of Karl, San Francisco’s legendary fog.

A photo posted by Carl Wilson (@sbdunkscarl) on

UpOut San Francisco

Handle: @upout_sf

Not to toot our own horns too much, but we’ve got some pretty fantastic captures on our feed via a range of photographers that consistently impress us with beautiful shots of the city. (Bonus: You can nominate to yourself to be featured on our account by tagging #UpOutSF.)

Time to get lost in stunning images of San Francisco.

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