San Francisco is a weird place—no one would deny that. We have our own customs that blend into the fabric of the background of this city, but when you think about it, are actually pretty unique little habits. Here are some things that only make sense if you live in San Francisco that you probably don’t even notice are different.

1. Carrying a jacket at all times.

8381120339_fb0e7fa6fc_b (1)torbakhopper via Flickr

Because you never know what could happen, guys. And it’s not worth it to take chances with those microclimates. You know what, you should probably bring a scarf while you’re at it. Just in case.

2. Watching the sidewalk as you walk rather than the person you’re talking to.

14222861278_ab943b1db1_kGordon Tarpley via Flickr

You know why. But, still. It is a particular mannerism you have to have.

3. Waiting hours in line to eat.

7290973956_7aae1c771c_btorbakhopper via Flickr

I question the sanity of people that grab a snack before heading to brunch because they’re not going to eat for another two hours. I’ve done it, but I’m not saying it’s normal.

4. Paying way more than is necessary for a cup of coffee (or toast, or a drink).

2331646347_31da25ee9c_bGary Stevens via Flickr

$12? Sure. I’m not even looking at the register. Just take my money and do your voodoo brewing dance to make that fancy cup.

5. Squeezing your blanket into a tiny spot of grass at Dolores Park even though there are a ton of other parks you could go to.

5884595472_42a22d5096_btorbakhopper via Flickr

But are there other parks though?

6. That the fog has a name.

14871928067_192b77d44c_k (2)william_welch via Flickr

It’s not just the weather…it’s Karl. And he’s on Twitter, obviously, because it’s this city.

7. Going on a hike…without leaving the city.

24531783293_3561f8df21_ksergejif via Flickr

“I’m headed out on a hike!” [walks out front door]

8. Someone naked strolls by you and you don’t even notice or bat an eye.

10031300764_ad9b80ac4b_kEd Bierman via Flickr

Someone dressed up in a tuxedo would probably warrant more attention here.

9. Automatically checking Yelp before going to a restaurant even if you’re standing in front of it and you’re super hungry.

15820608354_886c9481bc_bFrank Derks via Flickr

Three stars? Psh. I may be hungry, but I’m not that hungry.

10. People who rent out tents, trucks, and boxes as places to live.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 10.42.19 AMNBC Bay Area

Yeah, can’t blame you, dudes. It’s a sad but normal reality in these parts.

What other things only make sense if you live here? We’d love to build out this list!

[Featured Image: Waqas Mustafeez via Flickr]

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