BART’s fleet of the future has began rolling out across the Bay Area.  With weekday service ridership at 500,000, and a huge increase expected over the next five years, BART needed to improve their current trains.  The trains were tested over 75,000 miles with 2,900 modifications. There a bunch of new improvements including quieter trains with micro plug-in doors and cooling systems that will distribute air from the ceiling allowing for a cooler ride.

Let’s take a look at the new features:

Three doors instead of two:

Riders will be able  to get on and off more quickly making for a more efficient ride with the additional doors. The third set of doors will add more accessibility to riders with special needs as well as more personal items.

New Seats and Straps:

New seats include padded seats with lumbar support and wipeable fabric. The seats are mounted higher off the floor providing more leg room and fitting extra space for carry-on sized luggage for travelers. And, hanging straps have been added to accommodate more standing riders.

New Layout:

The new train interior provides two types of seating. Riders will be able to sit in conventional seating if they are on long rides, or in pods if they are traveling as a group. The layout also provides better designed areas for people with more personal items such as luggage, strollers, or might prefer extra legroom in the open seating areas.

Digital Screens:

Digital screens will show you in real time the line you are boarding and where you on your ride. Next stop information will be readily available with automated announcements as well.

Bike Racks:

The current design incorporates bike racks in every car. in the ten train cars, six will have a bike rack on one end, two cars will have an area with multi-use space are for bikes, and two cars have both bike racks and multi-use areas.

Read more about BART’s new trains and delivery plan here.

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