In news that might turn all of a certain borough into a giant perpetual tailgate, Manhattan’s district attorney recently announced that starting this Monday, March 7th, you won’t be arrested you if you decide to drink in public in the area. While this certainly comes with the big, big caveat that it’s still not legal to drink outside in Manhattan, and you could potentially still get a summons and fined for doing so, you don’t have to worry about getting ducked into the back of a police car for taking a sip of that “totally hidden” brown bag-sleeved drink.

In other words, this coffee could totally be Irish, and you wouldn’t have to freak about going to jail for it.

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The announcement comes with the new policy that the punishment for specific low-level offenses like public drinking are being toned down so that police officers’ time can be freed up to investigate more serious, violent crimes. Unless you’re being particularly rowdy or getting out of hand due to said public consumption of alcohol, the crime of outdoor drinking is now significantly less of one.

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So should you be whipping out that Shot Ski in the middle of Broadway? Probably not. But those summer beers in the park are starting to look a lot more relaxing.

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