We’ve known about the massive rhino sculpture arriving at Astor Place next year for some time, but now we finally have a sneak peek at the project.

On September 14, photographer Derek Berg was at Astor Place and ran into a group doing preliminary planning for “The Last Three.” Check out his photos at EV Grieve. As the plan shows, the sculpture will depict a stack of three white rhinos and it’ll be adjacent to Bernard Rosenthal’s “Alamo” (a.k.a. “The Cube”). Below is a mock-up of the proposed statue.

Rhino sculpture

The sculptors are Gillie and Marc Schattner who are on a quest to use art to honor the last three white rhinos in the world, Sudan and his infertile daughters Najin and Fatu. The couple hopes the tragic statue will highlight the impact of poaching in Africa.

According to the Astor Place website, the statue will be the “world’s largest interactive rhino sculpture that you can photograph, touch, and hug.” It’ll measure 16-feet in height and tops the previous rhino sculpture record set by the artistic couple last year in Sydney, Australia.

The Tamarama Beach rhino sculpture, simply titled “Buried Rhino,” highlighted the Schattner’s partnership with the Australian Rhino Project. The objective of that project is to transport 80 African rhinos from South Africa to Southern Australia. That herd of rhinos would act as a protected “insurance population” protected from devastation by poachers.

Buried Rhino at Tamarama Beach

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