How many times have you looked at your subway crush and thought “I would ask you on a date right now, if only I knew where to take you?” Thanks to this new map from Thrillist, unrequited subway love need be unrequited no more.

The Manhattan Subway Date Map does exactly what it says on the label – plots out an excellent spot to impress a date within a 5-10min walk of each subway stop on the island.

If you’re a frequent visitor to Midtown, hop off at Times Square and head to The Skylark for cocktails. If you’re an NYU student, hit up The Up & Up near West 4th. Wall Street types can visit Adrienne’s Pizzabar or the Trading Post for romantic post-work shenanigans.

You get the picture. Check out the full map below:


As handy as the full map could be, every New Yorker has a line or two that feels like “theirs.” Whether it’s the line closest to home, closest to work, closest to school, closest to your BFF, or closest to the cheap sushi place you can’t get enough of, you spend so much damn time on that subway it feels like you should have a reserved seat.

With that in mind, Thrillist has kindly broken the map down into smaller maps for each individual line and listed out each stop/date destination pairing.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 9.52.05 PMThrillist

Anyone else feeling the urge to swipe right?

Head over to Thrillist for the main map, each of the separated maps, and the painstakingly produced lists, and let us know which spots they missed here in the comments.

[Featured Image: Thrillist]

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