Here’s the introduction to this article where I say something we all know to be true: New York is effin’ expensive. If you live here, it’s expensive, if you’re a tourist, it’s expensive, and if you’ve read articles about the city while on your lunch break in a midwestern city, it’s expensive. Nothing about life in New York is cheap.



What we’ve established: New York is very, very, expensive. So it’s not a surprise that the idea of paying less than $30 a night for a place to stay would have everyone in a tizzy, packing their bags and lining up around the block: Even if the bargain rental in question is a sketchy, sketchy, van with no heat, showers, or, you know, actual beds. This isn’t just a one-off. Van rentals are officially a thing on Airbnb.



You’re not breaking any laws if you choose to sleep in a parked car overnight in the city. Hopefully that will help you rest a little easier if you decide to rent one of these sketch-mobiles, because god knows nothing else about them seems restful. Right now, it’s also legal (or at least, it’s a legal gray area) as to whether or not the owners of these splendid flops can actually be charging folks. So, you need a couple of extra bucks and you have a minivan? This might be the business opportunity of a lifetime.



Frankly I’m not sold. Maybe it’s because I’m now in my 30s and less prone to do things that are uncomfortable to save a buck. Maybe it’s because hostels still exist, and if I’m going to travel on the cheap I still want showers to be a right and not a privileged luxury. Maybe it’s because sleeping in a van is only something that’s cool if you’re singer-songwriter Jewel or a nearly homeless dude. Whatever the reason, I get a crick in my spin just thinking about it.

[Featured Image: CurbedNYC]

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