In 1981, Christopher Morris was an intern at a photo agency. During the six months commuting to and from his internship, he’d often turn his camera toward the scenes of the subway system. What he captured is a time capsule of a city at the height of urban transformation. Wall Street crashed into poverty while creativity mixed with crime.

According to TIME Magazine, Morris would embed himself in the underworld of the subway:

sometimes riding the trains alone, other times riding with the Guardian Angels volunteer anti-crime group. He’d hang out with groups of teens riding trains at night, and show up in the early morning to catch work-bound commuters.

Below are 18 photos from his NYC portfolio.


1300-1Christopher Morris
1300-2Christopher Morris
1300-3Christopher Morris
1300-4Christopher Morris
1300-5Christopher Morris
1300-6Christopher Morris
1300-7Christopher Morris
1300-8Christopher Morris
1300-9Christopher Morris
1300-10Christopher Morris
1300-11Christopher Morris
1300-12Christopher Morris
1300-13Christopher Morris
1300-14Christopher Morris
1300-15Christopher Morris
1300-16Christopher Morris
1300-17Christopher Morris
1300Christopher Morris

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