Looking for a new place to live in the five boroughs but don’t want to hand over outrageous bucks? Well, then you’re probably living in the wrong city. But if you’ve made your peace with flushing money down the toilet and are looking for the best deal you can find? We just might be able to help. According to the fine folks at Gothamist, the borough with the lowest rent? It’s Queens — where prices are still dropping even as we speak.

The average cost of a one-bedroom is still enough to make my parents gasp: $2,278 a month. BUT when you consider the fact that that number is almost a 19% drop from last year? That’s pretty much an insane deal, especially when you consider that rent in Brooklyn for a one bedroom just hit a record high of nearly $3K a month!




The trade-off for such a bargain? You have to live in Queens. I jest, I jest. Queens is a perfectly decent place to live (what up, Astoria!). Unfortunately it lacks the cache of other parts of the city. It always has and it always will. Them’s the breaks. In fact, that’s exactly WHY the rent in Queens has gone down. According to realtors, it’s just not as desirable. Supply and demand, baby, the economy is a tough business. But if you’re looking to save a little bit of dosh, poor ol’ Queens might just have made your day.

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