Think your commute is crowded and miserable now? Just wait until the end of the year.

It’s a well-known fact that complaining is something of a local pastime here. We gripe about the subway, about the weather, about the rent, about the tourists, about roommates who never replace the toilet paper… basically anything.

So, yay, lucky us, pretty soon we’ll have something new to complain about: insane overpopulation.

2554531016_f15092459f_zFlickr / ccharmon

See that green space in Sheep Meadow? Enjoy it while it lasts. Soon it will just be a writhing mass of sweaty human flesh.

According to new Census estimates, the population of New York City has grown to 8.49 million people as of July 2014. And here’s where things get crazy. The 2020 population forecast, published in December 2013, estimated that the city’s population by that year (the year of the next Census poll) would be 8,550,971.

Yes, you read that correctly. We’re only around 60,000 people short of the predicted 2020 population, and if population growth continues as it has been, the 8.5 million mark will be hit by the end of the year. If it hasn’t happened already, that is.

Never has this GIF been more relevant:


[Featured Image: Carsten Beyer]

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