How far would you go to capture the perfect Instagram photo? For New York City’s Outlaw Instagrammers, it’s not a question of what they would do so much as it’s a question of what they wouldn’t.

These 13 daredevil photographers are part of an elite underground community known as “urban explorers” who have turned trespassing into an art form. For them, nothing is off-limits. Their adventures take them to NYC’s most mysterious and magical locales, exposing them to sides of the city most New Yorkers never see. Think of it as graffiti subculture for an Internet age.

Their exploits are risky – more often than not, they’re both dangerous and illegal – but the resulting photos will take your breath away.

1. Humza Deas

Humza-DeasInstagram / humzadeas

Humza Deas is one of the brightest stars in the Outlaw Instagrammer bunch. At just 17, he made a name for himself by climbing bridges, surfing subways, and scaling skyscrapers in pursuit of the perfect photo.

2. Last Suspect

last-suspectInstagram / lastsuspect

Last Suspect is another well-known member of NYC’s illicit Instagramming elite. His eerie, sci-fi snaps of the city have earned him the honor of being called a “K,” meaning he has more than 10,000 followers on Instagram.

3. Novess

novessInstagram / novess

Ryan Parrilla, aka Novess, is a 16-year-old New York native who has been featured in the NY Post, Business Insider, Daily Mail, numerous publications across Europe, and on Australia’s highest rated daytime TV show, 7 TV.

4. Black_Soap

black-soapInstagram / black_soap

“Dark + Clean shots = Black Soap,” says the Instagrammer of his name. His gritty-but-gorgeous take on the city is surprising, inspiring, and, of course, always jaw-droppingly beautiful.

5. Heavy_Minds

heavy-mindsInstagram / heavy_minds

Heavy_Minds is a master of the “dangling precariously over a ledge, frequently while showing off my favorite footwear” shot – a must in any Outlaw Instagrammer’s photographic arsenal.

6. 13thwitness

13thwitnessInstagram / 13thwitness

Photographer Tim McGurr – aka 13thwitness – is a New York native, son of legendary street artist Futura, and one of the most popular users on Instagram. His street photography and stunning cityscapes will make you fall in love with NYC all over again.

7. Kostennn

kostennInstagram / kostennn

18-year-old Antonio Jaggie is passionate about sharing his vision of the East Coast’s urban streets. Some have described his shots as gloomy, but a look through his Instagram will have you feeling anything but.

8. night.shift

night-shiftInstagram / night.shift

Ready to feel old and unaccomplished? Outlaw Instagrammer night.shift was born in 1999 and has already amassed thousands of followers. Time to rethink some of your life choices.

9. demidism

demidismInstagram / demidism

Demidism is a self-described “urban historian” who may be a little TOO well-known these days. He was arrested last year after scaling 432 Park Ave (pic above) which, at 1,396 feet, is set to be the tallest residential tower in the western hemisphere.

10. 7expresstrain

7expresstrainInstagram / 7expresstrain

7expresstrain, born Noah Vasquez, is an 18-year-old Queens-made visual artist. Fascinated by the depths of the underground, the intensity of the heights, and the eeriness of the abandoned, he shares a side of NYC most people never see.

11. Wrong Rob

wrongrobInstagram / wrongrob

Brooklyn-based Rob McCarthy, known to fans and peers as Wrong Rob, is a freelance digital media consultant and photographer. He swears he’s “always safe and law-abiding,” but the photos will still make you gasp.

12. James Lanning

james-lanningInstagram / jamesslanning

24-year-old James Lanning calls his hobby “an addiction,” but seems in no hurry to find a cure. Instead he’s doling out advice to Thrillist, appearing in documentaries, and taking life-and-death snaps with his girlfriend, fellow Instagrammer Lindsay Nunnery.

13. shot_by_ian

shot-by-ianInstagram / shot_by_ian

Brazil-born Ian Buosi moved to New York at the age of 13. He began taking pictures to send back to family in Brazil and, two years later, turned his eye for artful photography into Instagram stardom.

Who did we miss? Share your favorite NYC Instagrammers in the comments.

[Featured Image: wrongrob]

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