A new interactive map shows us that hopping on a Citi Bike instead of hailing a cab could get you to your destination faster.

The map, created by software developer Todd Schneider, found “40% of weekday taxi trips within the Citi Bike service area would expect to be faster if switched to a Citi Bike, based on data from July 2016 to June 2017. During peak midday hours, more than 50% of taxi trips would expect to be faster as Citi Bike rides.”

The map is searchable by both neighborhood and commutes time.

One type of trip Schneider highly recommends using a bike instead of a cab is going crosstown, especially in the Manhattan central business district. According to Schneider “if you take a midday taxi that both starts and ends between 42nd and 59th streets, there’s over a 70% chance that the trip would have been faster as a Citi Bike ride.”

The developer goes a step further and provides a series of graphs featuring all of the crosstown trips.

It isn’t all bad for taxis. According to the research, the old yellows are still more reliable on the east or west side of Manhattan “35% of daytime taxi trips that start and end west of 8th Avenue would expect to be faster as Citi Bike trips, along with 38% of taxi trips that start and end east of 3rd Avenue.”

Not surprisingly, unless you’re Tom Dumoulin taxis do better when the trip is longer.

Todd Schneider

Schneider makes a really good point about scale, “if many taxi riders simultaneously switched to Citi Bikes, the bike share system would probably hit severe capacity constraints, making it difficult to find available bikes and docks.”

Read Schneider’s full report here. And a hat tip to Technical.ly Brooklyn for first writing about the map.

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