What puts the “big” in Big Apple? Is it our massive skyscrapers? Is it our overpopulation? Is it the amount we shell out for rent each month? Is it the size of our subway rats? While those things keep getting bigger, the city itself isn’t.

To illustrate exactly how big the Big Apple is, storage site SpareFoot created a series of map overlays that show how NYC compares to other major cities and geographical landmarks.

They’ve uncovered some pretty interesting tidbits – for instance, did you know you could fit several NYCs into the Grand Canyon, and even more into the Great Barrier Reef?


London is almost exactly twice as large in square miles as New York City, though our populations aren’t significantly different. All that extra breathing room could explain why they’re so polite and we’re so… not.


Tokyo is the most populated metropolitan area in the world, but it’s also much larger than New York City. Their population density 15,604 per square mile compared to our more stifling 27,578.


Berlin is similar in size to New York City, but way more sparsely populated. Perhaps the city borrows the approach of its legendary nightclubs’ famously strict door policies – only the coolest are allowed in.


Our friends over on the West Coast are teeny-tiny compared to New York City, yet still manage to pack an insane number of tech bros and aging hippies into their diminutive space.


Paris looks to have barely enough room for a baguette inside its city limits. In fact, lay a few end-to-end and you could probably stretch the entire length of the charmingly petite city.


Hong Kong is known for its extreme population density and heavy reliance on mass transit. 90% of the population uses public transportation, so next time you think of complaining about your commute…

…remember that everything is actually worse in NYC and your complaints are completely justified.

Hong KongSpareFoot

See SpareFoot’s site for the full collection of comparisons, including Boston, Seoul, and the Amazon River.

[Featured Image: SpareFoot]

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