The Cronut and the Ramen Burger had better watch their backs. There’s a new hybrid culinary experience in town and it’s killer.

Hit the rewind button. You’re 12 years old. Rewind buttons are still a thing. And there’s nothing you want more for your birthday than an all-out, smoke-filled, techno-blasting bout of laser tag.

Come back to the present. The birthday party of your dreams involves breakfast food, socially acceptable daytime drinking and, if you’re lucky, last night’s clothes.

Now what if we said you could have both at the same time? Introducing Lazer Zoo, a new Sunday afternoon laser tag/brunch mashup at the Highline Ballroom. Maybe adulthood doesn’t suck so much after all.

LZ1Facebook / Lazer Zoo

The Highline Ballroom confidently calls the event “The Wildest Sunday Day Party In New York City” and promises “delicious food, strong drinks, world class DJs, and of course LASER TAG!”

Don’t worry, the brunch and laser tag “arena experience” isn’t all going down in the same room. You won’t need to shovel waffles in your mouth with one hand while decimating your enemies with the other.

Instead, brunch will be held on the mezzanine level, above the laser tag mayhem on the main floor. Your eggs Benedict can be consumed calmly while watching the Hunger Games-worthy carnage below.

LZ3Facebook / Lazer Zoo

The warzone will be filled with giant inflatable objects, plus all the light, sound, and CO2 you can handle.

A few of these talented ladies may also be hanging around:

dancerFacebook / Lazer Zoo

On the food front, expect eats like omelet sliders and French toast sticks alongside specialty cocktails with laser-themed names.

The inaugural laser tag battle sold out, so get tickets ahead of time to guarantee your spot. $15 gets you entry and one game, while $20 scores you entry, a game, and a drink.

angelsFacebook / Lazer Zoo

Start practicing your Charlie’s Angels pose now.

[Featured Image: Lazer Zoo]

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