Ever wondered how much better getting delivery would be if you didn’t have to interact with a human in order to do it?

Wonder no more, because this parody video from The Bilderbergers makes that fantasy world a reality.

“When you use Seamless you want food, not the psychological minefield of human interaction,” explains Not-Quite-Tina-Fey, the narrator. Skipping a phone call by ordering online just isn’t enough anymore. In these extreme times, when New Yorkers have become totally desensitized to average methods of food delivery, we need to step it up a notch.

That notch is Seamless: No Human, a service in which delivery personnel “place the food by your door, knock, and sprint away” so you have “absolutely no chance of human contact.” And if you think that’s good, just wait until it gets to the claw part.


Just to make it clear, you antisocial souls, Seamless: No Human is fictional. At least for now.

This revolutionary form of food acquisition may one day be a real thing, but tonight when you order a pizza for one and worry you’re being judged, you’re definitely being judged.

[Featured Image: The Bilderbergers]

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