Last Thursday Netflix dropped the newest trailer for the second season of Baz Luhrmann’s love letter to the birth of hip-hop, The Get Down.

The show takes place predominantly during a hot summer in South Bronx. On the surface, it’s a coming of age story for a group of teenagers in 1977’s New York City. At the core, it’s the story of the climate in New York City that created an opportunity for music to fracture into half a dozen new genres and become soundtracks for a multitude of diverse subcultures. This story follows hip-hop, but Luhrmann drops nods to the growing influence of New York-Puerto Rican salsa, the birth of punk, and pioneering of electro.

The-Get-Down-Film-Locations-Bronx-NYC-1520-Sedgwick-Avenue.jpgThe Get Down on Netflix
Reviews of the first season are mostly positive with the biggest negative criticism being Luhrmann’s tendency for bloat.

But what about The Bronx? Luhrmann has said in interviews that 50 percent of the show is filmed in the borough while the other 50 percent is filmed on a soundstage in Queens. Time has altered the landscape of the locations, but the director has done his best to capture that moment in history.

Untapped Cities has exhaustively combed through The Get Down and, to the best of their abilities, provided an in-depth guide to the show’s settings. For example, the guide explains what happened to the rec center at 1520 Sedgwick (spoiler: it’s still there) and the state of the “street steps” (spoiler: they’re a mess). The guide is worth a read whether you’re a fan of The Get Down or simply like seeing unique perspectives on NYC history.

The-Get-Down-Netflix-Film-Locations-Bronx-Queens-1970s-NYC-Long-Staircase-East-167th-Street-2The Get Down on Netflix
The second season hits Netflix on April 7. Below is the trailer:

  [Featured Image from Netflix]


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