July 10 is National Pina Colada day. Not that we really needed an excuse to drink ’em, but a national holiday is as good of a reason as it gets. We’ve rounded up the best spots for your to get your drink (or drank) on in NYC. Because if you’re going to drink rum, it might as well be frozen and drowned in sugar.

1. Roof at Park South Hotel

125 E 27th Street

For when you just can’t choose between your frozen faves, Roof has you covered with a strawberry daiquari topped pina colada. Say that ten times fast.

2. Bar Moga

128 W Houston St

This ones for the creatives of the bunch. This Japanese cocktail bar puts out its unique spin on the pina colada with impressive results. So what’s in it? Hold on to your tastebuds, the ingredients are as follows: lemongrass, Japanese hard liquor shochu, yuzu, coconut, ginger, lime, rose. And while it may be called the Sleepwalk, sleeping is the last thing we think you’ll be doing after downing this drank.

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3. Baby Brasa

173 7th Avenue South What do an underwear model, rotisserie chicken, and a spin on a pina colada have in common? They’re all behind this restuarant. The chicha colada is a twist on the classic, made with pisco. And while the drink won’t give you abs like founder Franco Noreiga, it still could send you to your happy place on the beach.

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4. Donna

27 Broadway

The frozen drink trend shows no signs of stopping, especially when they can serve as saviors to the life squashing heat of NYC. Donna’s has capitalized on this by selling frozen drinks to be enjoyed in layered or solo form. You’re going to want to drink the Brancolada which is a riff on the pina colada made with Fernet. For the adventurous there’s also a frozen strawberry Negroni. For the strongest of the strong, layer the two.

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5. Tiki Tabu

190 Allen Street If Hawaii and the Hamptons had a love child it would be Tiki Tabu. Nautical charm meets chill island vibes in this bar located on top of Hotel Sixty LES. Enjoy a mama colada and then put your dancing shoes on as the night progresses and DJs come in.

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6. Mother of Pearl

95 Ave A

Everything here is vegan, but somehow doesn’t taste like cardboard so there’s win #1. Add in that you can get your drink in a plastic shark head with ‘blood’ on its teeth as win #2. Finish off with the fact that they sling a killer colada and you’ve got a triple threat tiki tavern.

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7. The Commodore

366 Metropolitan Ave

Aptly taking on the restaurant’s namesake, the commodore is a solid pina colada, and they’ve also got a mojito to cover you tomorrow on national mojito day, as well as a refreshing mint julep.

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8. Roberta’s

261 Moore St. The backyard vibes of this tiki bar are enough to lure you in on these hot summer nights. And the slew of delicious frozen drinks, ranging from pina coladas of course, to frozé, a Hemingway daiquiri, and a frozen gin and juice make this the place to be.

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9. The Rum House

228 W 47th St

A standby, the Rum House has a portion of their drinks list dedicated to rum focused cocktails. The Escape is for those who like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. They also provide classic cocktails like moscow mules, and other rum based options like dark and stormies, daiquiris or mojitos.

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10. Maison Premiere

298 Bedford Avenue  This classy restaurant, inspired by days past in New Orleans, and Paris offers as classed up pina colada, called the maison Jungle bird. Drink as socialites do here, and feel the class seep out of your pores.

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11. Otto’s Shrunken Head

538 East 14th Street 

If kitsch is your jam, you’ve just stepped into the right tiki bar. Enjoy a banana, mango, or strawberry pina colada here, under the neon lights and go (plastic coco)nuts.

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12. Holiday Cocktail Lounge

75 St Marks Pl With a drink called “and his hair was perfect” you know you’re in for a treat. And that treat is of course, a riff on a pina colada. This no frills, speakeasy turned holiday/literature inspired bar deals in classics and values its knowledgable bartenders. Unwind in spirit here. Expect sassy burlesque dancing some nights, and plastic figurines adorning your drink. It wouldn’t really be a New York bar if it didn’t have some spunk now, would it?

Now go forth and celebrate! Try to like these pina coladas without getting caught in the rain.

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