Hold on to your butts chi, y’all — cheap Feng shui oriented housing is coming to NYC.

Affordable housing contracted by the city conjures very specific images. We don’t think good looks or philosophies. We think massive, Soviet bloc-type complexes — and fair enough! When it comes to affordable housing, the city’s mission has always been to provide practical, utilitarian places to live for those who might not be able to afford the city’s sky-rocketing rental prices. Now, thanks to Bernheimer Architecture and Monadnock Development, that’s all changing. 208 apartments  are set to be constructed in One Flushing,  the Feng shui optimized building in Queens.

This is good news for those of us hunting for NYC apartments. Well, for those us hunting for New York apartments who can’t afford to buy groceries but have serious concerns about the placement of our toilets vis a vis our love lives. The apartments are only the beginning. The building will also have a roof-top garden, solar panels, and first floor retail. If this building were a person at a dinner party, they would probably judge you for wolfing down all the free cocktail shrimp and you couldn’t even fault them for it.

One Flushing is just one of the housing projects underway in Flushing right now. Another proposed project would restore the waterfront and build affordable housing all its own. No word yet as to which philosophy it would adhere to, but we would be in full support of a building constructed in keeping with the spirit of Flushing’s most famous denizen:

[Featured Image: Bernheimer Architecture]


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