Look around your house. Feel like, something’s, I don’t know, missing? No, I don’t mean toilet paper — but maybe get some while you’re out just in case. I’m talking about companionship. Companionship outside your creepy roommate who seems to never leave the apartment except to buy more Instant Ramen. It’s time to kick that weirdo to the curb and yourself a furry awesome pal at Prospect Park’s Adoptapalooza this Saturday, August 1.

Who do you have to thank for this love-explosion? Why, the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals! YAY POLITICS! The whole deal runs from 11am-5pm which means even you at your most hungover can make it. Also, you Debbie Downers, it’s on rain or shine, at  at Prospect Park Southwest and 15th Street.





You don’t have to be a dog or a cat person to show up and find a new friend. The adoption fair will feature dogs, cats and rabbits from many area animal rescue organizations — BUNNIES YOU GUYS. Want to whet your appetite? Go see some of the dogs by clicking here, and to see the cats, go here.

Naturally, all the animals available for adoption have been spayed or neutered and vaccinated, and those fees for those services will vary depending on the agency in question. GO TO THERE!

[Featured Image: PetFinder]



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