Whatever you’re looking for in a gym, New York City and its surrounding boroughs has plenty of options to choose from. Granted, many of them are pretty expensive, and since living in this city is already costly as it is, spending an arm and a leg on a workout is not necessarily desirable.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t have to break that commitment you made to your New Year’s resolutions simply because the price of going to the gym is a deal breaker. If you’re scouting for ones that are more affordable than your average boutique location, there are plenty of gyms out there within a lower price range. We’ve done a deep dive on the ones that are wallet-friendly and offer slightly more than the bare bones, but do note that the absolute cheapest are going to be no-frills, possibly without access to towels, exercise classes, or the right machinery you need. Here’s where to sign up to work out if you’re looking to get fit on a budget this year. No need to sweat about the cost—that’s what the gym is for.

New York City Parks and Recreation Indoor Recreation Facilities

Sign up and you’ll get access to all the recreational gyms in all five boroughs, which includes fifteen gyms just in Manhattan alone. Each gym features a weight room, treadmills, stationary bikes, indoor and outdoor pools, running tracks, basketball courts, group classes, locker rooms, showers, and a price that rivals more expensive gyms which don’t include all the amenities these ones do.

Cost: FREE for under 18; $25 per year for young adults 18-24 and seniors 55 and up; $100 per year for adults 25 and over:; $150 per year includes access to indoor pools for adults 25 and over

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Planet Fitness

This gym covers just the basics, which includes weight machines, free weights, and cardio equipment. While they don’t have what most would consider necessities such as a bench press that’s not attached to a support, enough room to do ab exercises, exercise classes, or towel service, they are one of the cheapest options out there at just $10 a month. For the $20 a month option, which is still cheap, you can visit all locations, plus have access to tanning booths, massage chairs, and unlimited guest privileges.

Cost: $10 a month for one location and $20 a month for access to all locations, plus an under $20 yearly membership fee

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Blink Fitness

Blink has 35 locations and counting in the New York and New Jersey area, including key posts in Chelsea, Nassau Street, NoHo, and 54th Street. This is also a no-frills gym—featuring just weights, cardio machines and room to stretch—so don’t expect exercise classes here.

Cost: $25 a month gives you access to all locations in New York City, including unlimited guest privileges and a 15% discount at the sports store Modell’s

Retro Fitness

This is the gym that wants you to have an experience. The cardio movie theater offers to let you watch your favorite movie while you sweat. Group fitness classes has the best assortment of classes available. Everything is state-of-the-art, with treadmills plugged into Direct TV and iPods and iPhones, internet-connected bikes, and the latest ellipticals. The free weight floor is large and spacious, and the smoothie bar is a great way to end your exercise regime for the day. There are ten NYC locations in total, including ones in the Financial District, Park Slope, and Williamsburg.

Cost: $99 enrollment fee for a 12 month membership to start, plus a $19 processing fee (for whatever reason). It’s just $19.99 a month after that, though, which is actually a pretty good deal.

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New York Sports Club (NYSC)

The New York Sports Club (NYSC) used to be among the most expensive, with rates at $90-$100 a month. Now that Blink and Planet Fitness have joined the market with super-low rates, however, it looks like NYSC had to lower its price to remain competitive (which we’re not going to complain about). NYSC is a full-sized gym with amenities, including exercise classes, and the only thing it doesn’t have is a pool.

Cost: $39.99 a month with a $59.99 annual fee for access to one location, which includes towel service, locker and shower stalls, exercise classes, and a free guest (1 per visit). For $44.99 you can join month-to-month with the same amenities and the freedom to cancel your membership at any time. At $59.99 a month with a one-year commitment, you have all access to all NYSC facilities. And at $69.99 a month, you also have access to all NYSCs facilities, with the ability to join month-to-month and cancel any time.

Synergy Fitness Clubs

With locations in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island, most Synergy Fitness Club locations are open 24 hours a day during the week, which includes the latest equipment for cardio and strength training, access to free weights, and above all, free group exercise classes.

Cost: $30 per month with $100 down, or a flat $49 a month without the joining fee. For added flexibility, there are no long-term commitments and one-time payment memberships.

Mid-City Gym & Tanning

This super gym includes perks not found at other gyms we’ve reviewed, including personal and group exercises, boxing training, stretching programs, a juice bar, and even tanning. However, there is only one location—in midtown at 42nd Street—which is great if you want to hit the gym during lunch or after work, but not so great when you’re not nearby. (Because who wants to go to midtown on the weekends, right?)

Cost: $19.99 a month—for life. There’s a 12-month initial agreement with a $169 enrollment fee.

Harbor Fitness

Finally, a gym just for Brooklynites! And all of them are open 24 hours. Harbor Fitness is best known for its friendly staff that works to meet your needs. Besides the great facility, there’s a smoothie bar, a wide assortment of workout equipment, exercise classes, and personal trainers. Harbor is also family-friendly and includes free child care.

Cost: $25 to join for Bay Ridge, Park Slope, and Mill Basin locations. It’s also $25 to join the Marine Park location with a $35 annual fee. We’re not sure why the Marine Park location includes that fee, but it’s definitely good to note and head to another location in case you want to avoid it.

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Bally Total Fitness

With three great locations—32nd Street, East 55th Street at Madison Avenue, and 16th Street at Third Avenue—Bally Total Fitness offers a great space, with a club floor plan that’s well-organized to help you comfortably move from workout to workout in a quick manner. There are a variety of classes to choose from, from Total Body Class to Step and Cardio Kickboxing to Cycling.

Cost: $44 per month with a $99 enrollment fee for the VIP membership, which includes access to all three locations, child care, free locker, and, at the 32nd Street location, the pool, whirlpool, sauna and steam room. There’s also a cheaper rate of $29 a month if you only need access to one gym, which still includes the $99 enrollment fee.

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