Somewhere between cramming in your shopping, decorating, baking, and holiday parties, be sure to take a moment to enjoy the festive window displays adorning the city. While the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is a holiday staple, New York is also famous for ornate window displays enjoyed from every street corner. Department stores join the fun to highlight their holiday spirit each year. Here’s our favorite window displays for Christmas 2015.

Midtown West

zinchik via Flickr

Bergdorf Goodman

754 5th Avenue (Between 57th and 58th Streets)

This year the chain has chosen Swarovski has its theme by celebrating its 120th anniversary. Over 7 million Swarovskis were used to create the display with each window having a different theme including a birthday ballroom with every cake coated in crystals, a cave, suits of armors, and a monkey fortune teller.

Runs from November 17 – January 4

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Lord & Taylor

424 5th Avenue (Between 38th and 39th Street)

Austin Mahone helped to reveal this year’s display performing during the opening event with a partnership with Habitat for Humanity. This is the 78th year that the retailer has created a holiday display. The store sees this as a way to give back to the city that they call home.

Runs for November 12 – January 6

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151 W. 34th Street (Between 6th and 7th Avenues)

This winter the theme is Peanuts-related as their new film is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Macy’s is dedicating their display to lovable characters. Each of the store’s six Broadway-facing windows will host a series of adventures experienced by the Peanuts clan.

Runs from November 20 – January 4

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Henri Bendel

712 5th Avenue (Between 55th and 56th Streets)

Their lights extravaganza includes 40-foot high decorations in front of the store. This means the windows are just a portion of this year’s holiday decorations. The main window has a Parisian apartment-inspired display. The atrium itself holds a two-story three with giant versions of their holiday ornaments. Izak Zenou drawings are scattered throughout the store.

Runs from November 17 – January 4

Midtown East

TurboW W via Flickr

Tiffany & Co.

727 5th Avenue (Between 56th and 57th Streets)

Tiffany always keeps it classy, focusing on the 19th century with each window showcasing a winter diorama inspired by fairy tales. The whole exterior of the jewelry institution’s store is a part of the show, deriving inspiration from the Tiffany’s diamond display at the 1939 World’s Fair.

Runs from December 13 – early January

zinchikZinchik via Flickr

Saks Fifth Avenue

611 5th Avenue (Between 49th & 50th streets)

Saks is filling their windows with some of the world’s best man-made wonders in wintery versions including the Great Barrier Reef and the Great Wall of China. The front of the store has been transformed into a winter palace that has crystal spires. It’s finished off with a light show that uses over 225,000 lights.

Runs from November 23 – January 4

Upper East Side

andrew d'entremont D'entremont via Flickr


1000 3rd Avenue (Between 3rd Avenue and Lexington Avenue)

This renowned retailer kicked off their display with a performance by singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles. The windows focus on the theme of perceiving the holidays by the senses. Floral displays from Jeff Leatham, a world renowned florist and other mirror sculptures are integrated into the winter wonderland. They’re also hyping up the new Star Wars flick with (Snow) Storm Troopers and other intergalactic displays.

Runs from November 18 – December 31

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Hopefully that puts you in the spirit. Happy Holidays!

[Featured Image: Victoria Pickering via Flickr]

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