NYC is home to many a great burger, but just as every superhero knows, a sidekick is critical to success. That’s why the french fry is an all important addition to a meal. Whether you like small fries, big fries, skinny fries, fat fries, curly fries or anything in between, we’ve got you covered. Because we know that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. And it tastes amazing.

1. Pomme frites at Balthazar

80 Spring St.

You don’t mess with a classic. And it doesn’t get more classic than Balthazar. They’ve got a good thing going, and the lengthy process (peeled, cut via a hand-cranked slicer, soaked in water overnight (to remove excess starch), blanched in peanut oil and then fried crisp to order; dusted with imported French sea salt and served in a white paper cone alongside house-made mayo) is more than worth it. Bite into one of these and you’ll realize that it is in fact possible to feel boujee while eating french fries.

2. Pommes Frites at Lafayette

380 Lafayette St

Because you deserve #options, we’ve got your back Jack (or whatever your name happens to be). These frites are frisky. Crisp, well seasoned, and easy to shovel in to your mouth by the fist full (we don’t judge here) you’d be crazy not to get down with these bomb pommes. 

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3. Sticky’s Finger Joint

Multiple locations

S’mores fries are a thing, and they will change your life. Their chicken is also bomb AF. And don’t you dare let your #saucegame lack here. Unicorn fries are also an option. Really, whatever you can think of putting on top of fries, is done here.

4. The Breslin

16 W 29th St.

These bad boys are cooked THREE times for maximum deliciousness. They’re boiled first, then put in the deep fryer twice before being presented with cumin and mayo. This keeps them crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, which is what we all want in a perfect fry.

5. Pommes Frites

128 Macdougal St.

These crisp creations come in a cone. Say that ten times fast. Nah, I’m just kidding. What you do need to do is get here, order there fries and go ham (or tempe for the vegetarians) on the sauce. Thank me when your cone is all gone. Sharing is allowed but not recommended.


6. Mile End

97A Hoyt Street & 53 Bond Street

Poutine is undeniably the best thing that Canada has ever given us, second only to maybe Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, or Kaitlyn Bristowe… They’re the best food hands down. What is poutine you ask? It’s french fries coated in gravy, topped with cheese curds, and at Mile End, anything else your heart desires from smoked meat to onions. Use a fork, grab napkins, and dig the eff in.

7. Shake Shack

Multiple locations

You saw this coming. As a California born and bred bebe I am firmly on team In n Out, but the less fortunate East Coasters seem to have take na liking to Shake Shack, and especially their fries. Crinkle cut, crisp, and firm bases to melty cheese, for once I can’t totally blame NYC for lovin these frenchies.


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8. Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken

28 East First Street

Can’t decide between a fried chicken sandwich or fries? Want more than just a side of fries? Blue Ribbon has you covered with an option to put your fries inside your sandwich. And even if that’s not your jam, the fries on their own are still gosh darn tasty.

9. The Fat Radish

17 Orchard St.

Three words: duck fat fries. Yup. The Fat Radish takes its fries to a whole other level by utilizing decadent duck fat to crisp up their tatos. You’ll be in love at first bite, I promise.


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[featured image by Shake Shack on instagram]

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