Ah, to be a New Yorker. There are things about life in the city that outsiders will just never understand. We’re tough, kind, resourceful, rascals and we see the world a little bit differently. Don’t believe us? Here are 5 things that those of us living in the Big Apple see in a totally different light from the rest of the world.


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Escalators are automated stairs that help you run up them even faster in order to catch your next train. They are also sources of extreme irritation when you find your path blocked by a person who doesn’t understand that just because the stairs are moving, that doesn’t mean you should stop.

Food Trucks

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In other parts of the country getting your lunch at a food truck would be sniffed at. – This is not the case for New Yorkers who know that the best pizza, grilled cheese, pork buns, and so much more  you’ve got to go hit up these dope little conveyances of culinary delight.


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No, we don’t mean Vespas or anything else with a motor. We’re talking, kick push kick push scooters. The rest of the country views them as a fun outdoor activity for children too dim-witted to understand how to operate a bicycle. In New York, scooters are a de rigueur mode of transport for even the hippest of the hip.

Eye Contact

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Friendly eye contact when walking down the street in order to send a smile to a passing stranger is highly frowned upon behavior in New York. Stare at someone for even a second too long and you run the risk getting a bottle of tepid urine hurled at your face — and that’s on a good day. We’re willing to seem rude if it means we can get to and from work without a urine-splashing.


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Like a highway, there are lanes. Going slowly? Stick to the far right side. Taking a left? Then get to the left. Don’t stop in your tracks or you’ll cause a collision and good god if you’re going to be on your cellphone you deserve whatever you get and what you get just might be a cab running you over.


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There is always going to be a line. Movie theatre? Line. Cronuts? Line. Rite Aide to procure a soda? Oh my god the line. Some lines are worth it, and others aren’t. A true New Yorker can tell the difference — why do you think there were so many folks buying Cronuts on Craigslist?


[Featured Image: Vincent Desjardins]


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