Instead of scrounging through the back of your fridge for leftover Seamless, treat your tastebuds to something special this 420.

Cannabis cuisine is serious biz, so we’ve rounded up NYC’s dankest eats designed to sate even the strongest of buzzes. Devour these stoner-friendly foods and kiss your munchies goodbye.

1. Arepas

arepaCaracas Arepa Bar
Munch At: In Queens, a visit to the Arepa Lady is a must. In Manhattan or Brooklyn, try Caracas.

2. Bagels

bagelFacebook / Black Seed Bagels
Munch At: Black Seed Bagels, current darling of the creative bagelry world, or Bantam Bagels, where you can score mini stuffed bagel balls.

3. Burgers

burgerFacebook / Paul's Da Burger Joint
Munch At: There’s no shortage of 4/20-worthy burgers in NYC, but Paul’s Da Burger Joint has ‘joint’ in the name so…

4. Pastrami

6591795781_1d585c0286_bFlick / Kevin Tao
Munch At: The pastrami sandwich at Katz’s is the classic, alongside other NYC favorites like Second Ave DeliLiebman’sSarge’s Deli, and Mile End.

5. Candy

16155785844_b0deba7986_kFlickr / Daniel Zemans
Munch At: No brainer. Economy Candy all the way.

6. Lobster Rolls

5283946994_83be57df6c_bFlickr / Alexis Lamster
Munch At: Try Maine’s main export at one of the locations of Luke’s Lobster or the Red Hook Lobster Pound.

7. Meatballs

meatballFacebook / The Meatball Shop
Munch At: Chow down at The Meatball Shop, where you can get naked balls, balls in sandwiches, ball sliders, and even balls over salad. Try not to lose it over the word “balls.”

8. Pizza

pizzaFacebook / Artichoke Basille's Pizza
Munch At: If you want to get fancy, it’s hard to beat Artichoke‘s classic artichoke slice. If all you need is cheese and carbs delivered in the cheapest package possible, find a dollar slice and get down.

9. Grilled Cheese

grilled cheeseFacebook / Melt Shop
Munch At: You probably shouldn’t be near anything sharp or hot in your 4/20 state, so have your grilled cheese needs seen to at Melt Shop or Little Muenster.

10. Burritos

burritoDos Toros
Munch At: Dos Toros isn’t serving ground-breaking Mexican food, but it’s solid and makes a nice change from Chipotle. Get baked, get burrito, win.

11. Anything at Smorgasburg

smorgasburgFacebook / Smorgasburg
Munch At: Everywhere you possibly can. You can’t go wrong with anything at Smorgasburg‘s gluttonous paradise. This might be the Holy Grail of high cuisine.

12. Fried Chicken

fried-chickenFacebook / Sweet Chick
Munch At: Sweet Chick nails it with their chicken and waffles, which come in classic, bacon-cheddar, dried cherry, rosemary-mushroom, walnut-parmesan, or spiced-pecan flavors.

13. Hot Dogs

hot-dogsFacebook / Los Perros Locos
Munch At: There’s always Crif Dogs, but they don’t have the monopoly on wacky weiners. Los Perros Locos serves up seriously insane creations involving crushed Fritos, deep fried bacon cubes, and chili infused with beer and cocoa.

14. Falafel

mamoun'sFacebook / Mamoun's Falafel
Munch At: Given its proximity to NYU, there’s no doubt Mamoun’s has served its fair share of stoned students. They know what’s up.

15. Mac ‘n’ Cheese

macFacebook / S'MAC
Munch At: There’s good mac ‘n’ cheese all over this city, but S’MAC might be the most well-known all-mac, all the time establishment.

16. Donuts

6270038343_6d116dfe69_bFlickr / Jeremy Keith
Munch At: Your heart will race at Dough Loco (just make sure it’s the donuts, not the drugs). Varieties include Miso Maple, Blueberry Rosemary Lime, and Raspberry Sriracha.

17. Bacon

Munch At: Your pothead prayers have been answered. BarBacon is a restaurant dedicated entirely to your favorite pork product.

18. Biscuits

biscuitFacebook / Empire Biscuit
Munch At: Empire Biscuit is a little slice of heaven for foodies with Southern inclinations.

19. Ice Cream

icecreamFacebook / OddFellows
Munch At: OddFellows has mastered the art of unusual ice cream (think Chorizo Caramel Swirl, Thai Iced Cream, and Milk Chocolate Pretzel Peanut Butter).

20. Chicken Nuggets

nuggetsFacebook / The Nugget Spot
Munch At: Chomp on chicken nuggets at The Nugget Spot, which serves up classics alongside creative flavors like Cap’N Crunk (with a crunchy cereal crust) and Wake N Bacon (bacon-coated and dipped in maple syrup).

21. Fries

Munch At: No combo is too wild at Potatopia, which piles on the toppings for creations like Bacon Overload, Nacho Nacho, The Steakhouse, and Smashed Hit.

22. Rice Crispy Treats

rice-crispyFacebook / Treat House
Munch At: Treat House serves up gourmet marshmallow rice crispy treats in 12 original flavors, both seasonal and custom.

23. Pierogi

pierogiFacebook / Veselka
Munch At: Late-night staple Veselka will solve all your pierogi problems.

24. Halal Cart Food

halalFacebook / The Halal Guys
Munch At: Halal food is practically a religion in NYC, and The Halal Guys is the city’s most beloved place of worship.

25. Cookies

cookiesFacebook / Insomnia Cookies
Munch At: Insomnia Cookies was made for moments like these. They deliver, so if paranoia gets the better of you, you can get your goodies without setting foot outside.

26. All The Bodega Snacks

4216679799_ce4d22b2b2_bFlickr / Vegan Feast Catering

Munch At: At the end of the day, there’s no better destination for stoner snacking than your local bodega. Chocolate covered pretzels? Yogurt raisins? Kraft mac ‘n’ cheese? The bodega has it all, just don’t get lost in the chips aisle giggling at the “Baked” Lays.

[Featured Image: erin_can_spell]

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