With the new year upon us, we’re ready to start 2016 with a clean slate. 2015 had its highlights, but there are definitely some questionable pop culture trends that need to be stopped. We’ve compiled a list of last year’s top trends that should probably stay in 2015. (#stopusingsomanyhashtags)

1.“Netflix and Chill”

This slang term grew wildly popular across the Internet, used as a way to propose a casual encounter with a person of interest… aka: hooking up while Netflix plays in the background. It’s the new “Dinner and a Movie” kind of date, except this time, food isn’t guaranteed and you don’t actually have to go anywhere. Let’s bring back a little romance.

 2. Pastel & Silver Colored Hair

2015 was the year to dye your hair cotton candy pink, Lucky Charms green, and grandma grey. Why this became a trend, we’ll never know.

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3. Mustaches…on everything.

From tattoos to mugs to jewelry, this “mustache” trend is everywhere, and it’s due for a clean shave. Next year, we’re hoping to stash the stache.

 4. Superhero Spinoffs & Reboots

2016 actually has a pretty exciting anticipation for superhero flicks, so maybe we’re not ready to say goodbye to superheroes just yet. However, we’ve seen our share of dreadful regurgitations that we could’ve done without… Hopefully 2016’s superhero lineup redeems the cringeworthy spinoff shows (Arrow, The Flash) and terrible reboots (Fantastic Four, we’re looking at you.)

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5. Whip and Nae/Nae

What would another year be without a go-to dance move? 2015’s theme song was the “Whip and Nae/Nae” by Silento. Over the years we’ve seen ‘The Dougie,’ ‘The Soulja Boy,’ and ‘The Stanky Leg’ come and go. Now we gladly say ta-ta to the nae/nae. 

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6. Tinder

Tinder continues to be one of the most popular dating app for singles. However, with the rise of other (less slutty) dating apps like Coffee Meets Bagel and Bumble, people are slowly losing interest. Tinder, you are so last year.

7. Man Buns

How about New year…New cut? And don’t kid yourself. You need to have long hair to pull this off. Otherwise, your head looks like the top of a condom.

8. Joggers

When did it become socially acceptable to wear sweatpants every single day? 2015, apparently. Plus, the elastic cuffs are just not a good look.

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9. Hoverboards

The future is here, and we finally have hoverboards!! Well, they still have wheels on it, so we’re not actually hovering…but it’s almost there (kind of). Give us real hoverboards in 2016—preferably ones that don’t accidentally catch fire and blow up. Some celebrities have jumped aboard this fad, but it hasn’t made it seem any cooler. 

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10. Snapchat Filters

From rainbow vomit to pumpkin heads, it was amusing for a hot minute. But it got old fast, and so did the 400-second snapchats experimenting with every single filter.

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11. Selfie Sticks

They are banned from Disneyland; therefore, they should be banned from 2016. 

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12. Crowdfunding (for the wrong reasons)

Crowdfunding is a great way for people to raise money for an organization or project. But enough with the Kickstarter accounts seeking donations for vacations, 21st birthdays, or hoverboards (see #9 on this list). It’s taking shameless self-promotion to a whole new level.


13. ‘Bae’

“Bae” is an abbreviation for ‘Before Anything Else’ and commonly used as a nickname to call your significant other. It also means ‘poop’ in Danish, so take that information as you will. 

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14. The Kardashians

You either love them, hate them, or have nothing against them. But why are we still keeping up with them?

15. Minions

Minions are adorable. We love them. But after 5 years loaded with a theme park ride, endless amounts of minion merchandise, and finally their own full length movie, it’s safe to say that the world might be on minion overload. Maybe in 2016 we’ll have a set of new characters to obsess over.

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16. “On Fleek”

Originally heard as “eyebrows on fleek” from a Vine by Peaches Monroe that went viral, it’s now used as slang to describe anything as “on point” or “perfect.” Fleek is yet another attack on the English language. Hopefully Webster doesn’t make this one a real word.

Did we miss anything? We want to hear what you’re leaving behind in 2015!

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