National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day is July 1st, which means it’s time to test your palate’s limits.

New York is a foodie city, so it comes as no surprise that you can find pretty much any flavor of ice cream you can think of (and maybe even some you never imagined). There are lots of ice cream parlors, but it takes a special place to serve flavors like coconut ash, cornbread, or pine needle.

Check out eleven of the most unique ice cream flavors you will find in New York, and make sure to grab a scoop on July 1st and beyond.

1. Salt & Pepper Caramel Soft Serve with Crispy Potato Gaufrette, Devil’s Food Cake, and Maldon Sea Salt

Where: Dominique Ansel Kitchen – side window

Not only are the cronuts made by this chef over at Dominique Ansel Bakery to die for, but so is the ice cream he’s developed. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can swirl this flavor with the burrata flavor. The ice cream window is only open on weekends, so plan accordingly.

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2. Basil and Olive Oil

Where: Fort Grace Ice Cream

The menu is ever-changing, but there’s always bound to be at least one flavor that’s on the untraditional side, including this one. 

3. Coconut Ash

Where: Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream

Made from burnt coconut shell, this scoop is totally Instagram ready.

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4. Tea Dance

Where: Ice and Vice

Tea Dance is made of Nilgiri tea leaf, lemon charcoal, and salted caramel. Of course, everything Ice and Vice’s makes is something special.

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5. Pine Needle Ice Cream with Candied Cranberries

Where: MilkMade

This seasonal flavor is certainly something you won’t see most other places. Ice cream enthusiasts can join MilkMade’s club to get two pints of unique flavors each month, but they also have a tasting room where you can grab any of their fun selections.

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6. Olive Oil and Strawberry

Where: Odd Fellows

The menu can change quite often, so you never know what you’ll find when you get there. But this flavor is pretty amazing, since the strawberry sorbet was shattered with liquid nitrogen and then folded into extra virgin olive oil ice cream. Past flavors have included cornbread, purple rice, and edamame.

7. Baby, I Was Churned This Way!

Where: Ample Hills Creamery

A scoop of this flavor will get you salty hazelnut ice cream with chocolate-covered, rainbow-colored sunflower seeds.

8. Taro

Where: China Town Ice Cream Factory

Basically all of the flavors here are special (red bean, ginger, durian, etc.), but Taro — a purple tuber similar to a potato — is certainly a crowd-pleaser with it’s fun purple color.

9. Chocolate Stout and Pretzel

Where: Tipsy Scoop

Yes, that’s right. This is alcoholic ice cream. Chocolate ice cream is infused with Brooklyn Brewery Chocolate Stout and salty pretzels. #icecreamwasted is the best kind of wasted.

10. Corn on the Cob

Where: Max and Mina’s

This one is definitely not the norm. Known for their cereal flavors and champagne ice cream, there’s always something interesting at Max and Mina’s.

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11. Avocado

Where: Il Laboratorio del Gelato

This ice cream factory is definitely willing to test the limits. When making over 300 flavors, there are sure to be some that are a little crazy.

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What crazy, weird, unique ice cream flavors have you seen around New York?

[Featured image: juli_ano via Instagram]

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