Hot summer days in the City are only good for one thing – daily excuses to eat ice cream. Thankfully, we live in the Ice Cream Capital of the United States where we can have a different ice cream experience every single day. We’ve rounded up the best places and flavors for you to go ham at. We all scream for ice cream here. There’s no shame in our game being ice (cream) cold.

1. Ample Hills Creamery

multiple locations

Why you’re going: Because you want to enjoy unique flavors in a sleek setting, and also feel the joy of eating fresh rice krispy treats in frozen form that make it ok for your to indulge in as an adult.

The Flavor you’re getting: Snap mallow pop, which is a jet-puffed marshmallow flavor laden with crunchy, toasted rice-cereal bits.

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2. China Town Ice Cream Factory

65 Bayard Street Why you’re going: Because here traditional American flavors are labeled exotic and Asian inspired flavors like lychee or black sesame are “traditional.”Also, Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill went here so now the place has street cred. Just sayin. The flavor you’re getting: Avocado. Because avocado makes everything better always.

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3. Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

125 East 7th Street, 353 West 14th Street and 61 Grove Street

Why you’re going: Because rainbows and ice cream are an obvious combo. And also caramel and nilla wafers.

The flavor you’re getting: Service with sass. Oh, and vanilla soft serve injected with dulce de leche and topped with Nilla wafers.

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4. OddFellows Ice Cream

175 Kent Ave Why you’re going here: Because you’re adventurous and you don’t want to settle for ordinary flavors. The idea of a Willy Wonka-esque store in which their scoops resemble three course gum, is oddly appealing. The flavor you’re getting: Caramel chorizo. It doesn’t make sense, but if it’s wrong, I definitely don’t want to be right. 

5. Ice and Vice

221 E Broadway. 

Why you’re going here: You’re a sucker for punny names and creative/wacky flavors like bath salts, which is lavender and pine stracciatella .

The flavor you’re getting: Milk Money (toasted milk, sea salt, chocolate ganache)

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6. Milk Bar

multiple locations Why you’re going here: Your instagram feed NEEDS this shot. Plus you really want the chance to say you had ice cream for breakfast. The flavor you’re getting: Cereal milk, because the flavor started the whole dang thing. Top with whatever makes your heart happy.

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 7. Morganstern’s

2 Rivington St

Why you’re going: Because this is the place to get classic vanilla or chocolate with a delicious twist. There are four vanillas: bourbon, Madagascar, burnt honey, French and rum raisin. And the chocolate with the best review is classic Rocky Road.

The flavor(s) you’re getting: The King Kong Sundae, because you get four scoops in giant banana split form. No complaints here.

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8. Sundaes and Cones

95 E 10th St Why you’re going: Because you value high quality, attention to detail and a healthy mix of classic/funky flavors.  The flavor you’re getting: Tiramisu or black sesame. Because it’s two desserts in one, or it makes for a great picture. 

9. Soft Swerve

85B Allen St.

Why you’re going: Because soft serve is more of your jam than ice cream and you’ve already tried the Big Gay Ice Cream shop. Also you want purple ice cream, red cones, and all the toppings.

Flavor you’re getting: Matcha Green Tea. Because green tea is technically healthy for you, tastes great, and has a bomb aesthetic.


10. Van Leeuwen

multiple locations Why you’re going: Because you value ice cream made thoughtfully, with high quality ingredients. Also, maybe you’re vegan, because they’ve got your back here. You also appreciate the ambience of a pastel based atmosphere. And you really like ice cream trucks because who doesn’t?  The flavor you’re getting: Peanut butter marshmellow crunch. Those four words alone should’ve peaked your interest. If not, here’s a description from their website: We start by mixing organic Virginia peanut butter into our sweet cream base. We then make a brittle of caramelized sugar with peanuts and Askinosie single plantation cacao nibs. Finally, we make an Italian-style meringue (think fancy marshmallow fluff), and fold it along with the crumbled brittle into the slightly salty peanut butter ice cream. Yeah. You want it. 

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Honorable mentions:

Davey’s: try the Pie milkshake. Because its a thing and because you can. Thank me after.

Blue Marble: try the sea salt caramel, because some things ain’t broke and don’t need fixin.

10Below: try the s’mores galore. Because if you don’t like s’mores, I don’t like you.

Il Laboratorio Del Gelato: try as many flavors as possible. For the adventurous there’s cheddar cheese gelato, for the refined there’s rose petal, and for the party people there’s champagne gelato.

Mikey Likes It: try anything really, but for the coffee inclined, like myself, check out the Foxy Brown.

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