Don’t let Halloween stress you out! Save time and stand out in the crowd with these clever last minute costumes.

1. Grateful Dead

All you need is some fake blood, a shirt, and a sharpie to make a quick and punny Grateful Dead costume.

2. Amazon & Whole Foods

A very relevant couple today,  this costumes only calls for some t-shirts! &

3. Snapchat Hotdog

Grab a hotdog suit and some headphones to be the infamous Snapchat hotdog. Don’t forget to bust out the dance moves!

4. The Eclipse

Make use of your leftover eclipse glasses! With some paper and string, you can make this special costume that won’t be relevant again until 2023.

Aesia Toliver/Twitter

5. Side-Eye Michelle Obama

This classic Michelle Obama viral meme is super easy to make at home. / /

6. Gordon Ramsey & “Idiot Sandwich”

Grab a friend, some bread, and some chef costumes to recreate another viral meme. (This is especially funny when people ask, “What are you?”) / /

7. Mocking Spongebob

This simple costume is a perfect excuse to mock everyone on Halloween.

8. Global Warming

With all of the natural disasters that have recently occurred, this quick costume is sure to be a conversation starter. /

9. Kale

Grab some green clothes and head over to your local grocery store to create this funny costume.

photo via Alexis Buryk

10. Cat Stevens

Make a generic cat costume creative by adding “Stevens” to your outfit. Now everyone will see that you have wit and a great taste in music.

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