Back in 2011, Bart Simpson made a list of must-see attractions in LA for his dad. It recently blew up on reddit, so we decided to do some research about each attraction on his list.

1. Watts Towers

Simon Rodia’s collection of towers — known as the Watts Towers — was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1990. The area contains 17 high-rise and interconnected sculptures, with the tallest one tapping out at 99 ft. They look pretty swanky, yeah, but has anyone ever actually visited this attraction? Or better yet, even heard of it?

The Simpsons
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2. Cerritos Auto Square

There’s probably no other attraction more-established and famous (in terms of auto centers, that is) than Cerritos Auto Square. Apparently the biggest auto mall in the world, Cerritos Auto Square has about 10,000 vehicles sitting in stock, ready to be sold on any given day. Now that’s impressive, so we’re not surprised that it made Bart’s list.

Their supposedly hilarious commercials are well-known throughout Southern California.

3. Keyes on Van Nuys

You can’t call yourself a true Southern Californian if you’ve never heard of the Keyes on Van Nuys jingle. It’s some catchy stuff. Bart Simpson watches so much TV it’s no surprise that he’d include this “attraction” on his list.

4. The El Toro Y

This is the official name of the intersection or merge between the 405 and the 5, and is actually one of the busiest interchanges in the world. It sure is a famous “attraction”, we’ll give Bart Simpson that.

Mark Rightmire

5. The California Incline

Built in 1932 and located in Santa Monica, this “road” was declared structurally deficient in the early 1990s. It reopened just last year in late 2016. Is it worth visiting? We’re not so sure either.

Ricardo DeAratanha
Randy Young Collection, Santa Monica Library Image Archives

6. The Valley

The San Fernando Valley — aka “The Valley”, aka the porn capital of America, aka the suburban wasteland of California  — also made Bart’s list of must-see attractions in LA.

What’s so special about the 818? It could be anything from the good sushi on Sushi Row to the huge suburban strip malls. Thanks for that, Bart.

7. LAX Long Term Parking Lot C

Ah, the go-to parking lot for long-term travelers at the ever-so-busy airport in Los Angeles. The reviews on Yelp are so polarized it’s hard to determine whether we love it or hate it. There does seem to be some kind of general consensus however, that $12/day isn’t too terrible of a price to pay for a full day of parking. It’s probably safe to say that that’s the reason why travelers flock to this parking lot.

This parking lot is such a hot commodity (as far as parking lots go) that they have a twitter account and a sick new ride…

Adam K. on Yelp

8. The Beverly Connection

This is your basic suburban strip mall in SoCal that consists of 24 shops and a pretty terribly-designed parking structure. Some hot steals might include Old Navy, CVS Pharmacy, and Yogurtland. One Yelp user called it a “certifiable waste of time.” A must-see LA attraction, for sure.

9. 405/10 Freeway Exchange

Another famous LA “attraction”. The 405-10 exchange was ranked fifth in a list that included the worst freeway interchanges in the United States. It also made this Forbes list of America’s worst traffic traps.

Sham B. on Foursquare

Scott Kski on Foursquare:

I would rather drink a bowl of syphilis than be on the 405/10 freeway at 5pm
Jay Zallan on Foursquare:
note to self; get a helicopter

10. Chatsworth

Chatsworth might just be the quintessential upper-middle-class-suburban neighborhood of California.

Colin Young-Wolff
The Simpsons claimed in this episode:

“Chatsworth!? That’s were the 118 meets Topanga Canyon, fool.”

Our own research reveals that other than being home to the National Notary Association, there’s not much else to see in Chatsworth.

11. Long Beach City College

About the time this list was featured in the episode, LBCC was well-known for their high populations of domestic rabbits. Though the numbers have dropped significantly since 2011 (over 2oo of them were adopted), about three dozen of the bunnies were too wild to become pets and have been released to roam around the campus. Talk about a must-see attraction.

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