A kind soul has gone ahead and started creating a map showing every LA bar located within 1 kilometer of Metro stops. The map currently has more than 600 bars which would result in one seriously epic/deadly pub crawl.

The map was created by Eric Brightwell who’s made a name for himself over the last few years as a modern-day cartographer. Notably, Brightwell created a series of hand drawn maps exploring neighborhoods of the city. In a 2012 Huffington Post article, Brightwell said of his maps, “I usually try to make neighborhoods seem like they’re in some way disconnected from their surroundings. One of the things I like about old maps is how the immediate surroundings are accurate and then get more and more distorted or vague — there might be Cyclopes in the neighboring community — we just don’t know!”

Brightwell created the Google map after taking part in a Gold Line Pub Crawl and noticing there was a drought of Metro pub crawl maps “along the Blue, Green, Orange, Silver, or Purple lines – some of which admittedly pass through dreaded booze deserts.”

Below is how the cartographer defined “bars” for the purpose of this map:

For the purposes of this map, “bars” include saloons, dive bars, cocktail lounges, night clubs which serve alcohol, izakaya, pubs, piano bars, breweries and wineries with tasting rooms, leather bars, pijiu wu, gastropubs, restaurants with full bars, hotel bars, gasthauses, wine bars, taverns, &c. It does not include coffee bars, hookah bars, tea bars, juice bars, sushi bars, bar-b-ques, or protein bars at which alcohol isn’t served…

The map has made its way to Reddit where Redditors are pointing out some overlooked hotspots like, um, Jumbo’s Clown Room.

Brightwell’s open to suggestions by posting a comment at the bottom of this link.


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