Good news, all you herb lovers. Sister restaurants Gracias Madre and Gratitude are changing up the cocktail game by making cocktails with weed in them. Jason Eisner, bartender at Gracias Madre, has created cocktails using cannabinoid oil, using the essence of pot tincture CBD.

8715940950_1276380fbb_kCannabis Culture via Flickr
The best news? You don’t need a medical marijuana card to order one. That’s because CBD isn’t what gets you high, but has many of the medicinal effects, according to the Los Angeles Times. The oil is taken from hemp stalk from a producer in San Diego that the restaurant buys directly from.

Apparently the CBD oil has a “full, almost buttery flavor”. The three cocktails that use the CBD oil are variations of classic cocktails, Tequila Sour, Negroni, and Old Fashioned, only slightly altered for the taste of the CBD oil.

They’re a bit pricey at $20 a pop, but that’s probably since oils are always expensive.

Make sure to check them out at either Gracias Madre or Gratitude ASAP!

[Feature image: Brett Levin via Flickr]

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