Believe me—chasing down food trucks is definitely worth it in Los Angeles. Not only do you get to avoid the lunch, dinner, and (even!) brunch lines, but you’ll usually get to snack on delicious finds you won’t get anywhere else in the city. Grab your car keys and get ready to track these Los Angeles food trucks down.

Yeastie Boys

It’s a bagel truck, and their goods are just as on-point as the name. They’ve got regular bagels and classic breakfast sandwiches like The Game Over with scrambled eggs, peppered bacon and tomatoes, and The Lox with cucumbers, radish, and pesto. They also stop in front of coffee shops throughout LA so you can get your whole morning in one go.

Hours/Location: Listed on the website, but also check Twitter and Instagram for the most up-to-date times.


True story: I once spent an entire summer chasing this truck down just to taste that delicious combo of cookies and ice cream I had heard about from a Ralph’s cashier. I was not disappointed: the menu has such a wild and diverse range of options, from Avocado Sea Salt or Brown Butter Candied Bacon ice creams with Black & White or Coconut Almond Chip cookies. Really, you could go crazy here. (You can find them in the freezer section at select stores now, but it’s really worth it to get them fresh.)

Hours/Location: You can find their calendar here, but stay up-to-date by checking their Twitter.

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Ta Bom Truck

Snack on Brazilian favorites from this truck, like coxinhas (deep fried chicken croquettes made with seasoned shredded chicken and cream cheese) and pastels (a Brazilian-style empanada made with crisp pastry with melted mozzarella cheese or seasoned ground beef). Tasty.

Hours/Location: They’ve got a full calendar of where they’ll be online, but you can always check Twitter as well.

Pico House

These guys specialize in grain bowls, which feature a delicious protein (short rib, meatballs, pork, lamb) paired with veggies (swiss chard, jicama, kale) and topped with cheese or vinaigrette. For a hearty and filling option, this is your truck.

Hours/Location: Check their calendar on their website.

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The Lobos Truck

Described as “kick ass comfort food,” the menu at The Lobos Truck ranges from Wachos (waffle fry nachos, which you can get in buffalo bacon, cheesy ranch, and more) to a Mac and Cheese Bar (try a spicy diablo mac and cheese, which is creamy with a kick.) You won’t find much diet food here, but that is not what this truck is for. Indulge, and love every minute of it.

Hours/Location: Full calendar online and up-to-date info on Twitter.

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The Grilled Cheese Truck

Speaking of comfort food, what could be more heartwarming than a cheesy mac and rib, a goat cheese, or a pepperbelly grilled cheese (filled with homemade chili, Habanero Jack, cilantro lime sour cream, fire-roasted tomato salsa and crunchy Fritos, of course?) This truck also serves up tater tot sides and even dessert grilled cheeses for the adventurous. Grab a sandwich and dig in.

Hours/Location: Check their website for locations and Twitter for times.

Guerrilla Tacos

Putting taco trucks on lists like this are of course going to be controversial in LA, since there are so many good ones. But Guerrilla Tacos are worth going out of your way for—if only because their fresh menu changes every week based on availability of local ingredients. This week, you can grab Duck Heart Tacos with pickled persimmon, chile morita, pistachios, panchetta, parsley and habenero, and they’re just $6. They take street tacos to another level.

Hours/Location: A full list of times and locations are available on their website.

Let’s Be Frank

Fancy hot dogs—yes, they exist. With dogs made from pasture-raised animals free of hormones, antibiotics, nitrates, and nitrites, you can definitely feel comfortable knowing exactly what you’re eating. While it’s technically a cart, when you’re craving street food hot dogs certainly come to mind, and if you’re going to get a hot dog, it might as well be incredible.

Hours/Location: Cart locations and times are available on their website.

Cousins Maine Lobster Truck

What food truck list would be complete without a lobster truck? Hands down, this is one of the best in LA, served the classic Maine or Connecticut styles or LA style, in taco or quesadilla form. Heck, you can even get lobster tots with cilantro lime sauce and pico de gallo. For a refreshing bite of seafood, this is the truck to hit up.

Hours/Location: Times and locations available at their website.

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