Let’s be honest, California doesn’t necessarily scream good pizza. But in these last few years, there have been some seriously delicious slices popping up all over the place — especially in grub hub Los Angeles.

So let’s take it away — slice by slice. Here are nine of the best LA pizzas, not ranked in any particular order!

1. Village Pizzeria

We gotta pay our respects to the OG pizza of America. This New York style slice calls himself  the “Brooklyn Boy who moved West”, and can be found on Larchmont Blvd. They put together a combination of two styles to create the perfect ‘za — the so-called “Brooklyn flavor” and the “California fresh.”

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2. Masa of Echo Park

This pizzeria is most famous for their Chicago Deep Dish. Buried within its thick 2″ pan is the crustiest cornmeal crust you’ve ever had, topped with fresh cheese and warm, warm fillings. What pizza dreams are made of, am I right?

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3. Casa Bianca

Located in Eagle Rock, Casa Bianca claims that their famous pizza recipe has been in the family for years now. With a chewy yet crispy crust and a delicately tart tomato sauce, Casa Bianca makes a damn good pizza — definitely worth the trip.

4. Abbot’s Pizza Company

This Insta-famous pizza hub tastes just as good as it looks. Among other mouth-watering slices, they offer vegan and gluten-free options, as well as a salad pizza. We know, we know — a salad pizza doesn’t seem too enticing, but at *yeast* give it a try before putting it down.

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I mean, you know it’s a good salad when it’s actually pizza.

5. Pizzeria Mozzo

With two dazzling locations — one in Newport and another in Los Angeles, this pizzeria is perfect for a little slice of bougie pizza. From arugula salad pizza to squash petal toppings and fresh mozzarella, Pizzeria Mozzo has it all.

6. Dough Box

Dough Box is anotha’ one of these pizzerias with a solid Chicago deep dish. Dough-n’t fret though, if you prefer your crust a little thinner, because they also have some other amazing options.

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7. Prime Pizza

Prime Pizza seems to be a pretty polarizing place — people either love it or hate it. Those who love it will stick up for it like nothing else, often claiming that it’s their favorite pizzeria on the West Coast. As far as pizzas go though, it’s definitely on the crispier and simpler side so if that’s the kinda ‘za you’re into, Prime Pizza is the perfect place for you.

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8. Hollywood Pies

Also known for their incredible deep dish pizza, Hollywood Pies might just be home to one of the best Chicago-style pies in the area. With a flavorful and warm tomato sauce resting over a crispy yet flakey crust, you know with one bite that you’ll be coming back again.

9. Olio Wood-fired Pizza

Tucked inside one of LA’s historic food markets, Olio’s is renowned for their hand-crafted wood fired pizzas. Made to order and fresh out of the oven, Olio’s does not skimp on toppings. It’s definitely quality pizza at its price.

In conclusion, thick, thin, or cheese-stuffed — we love them all. Now go out there and enjoy a slice, you deserve it.


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