Wall murals are popping up in streets all over the world, and LA keeps knocking them out of the park—providing a never-ending source of instagram-worthy backdrops for locals and tourists alike. Despite being home to hundreds of some of the nation’s spunkiest walls, people continue to snag photos in front of the same four murals. It’s time to change it up. Here are four fresh alternatives to some of the most religiously instagrammed walls to spice up your ‘gram game.

1. The Cliché: Paul Smith’s Iconic Pink Wall of Melrose Avenue

This notoriously popular pink wall belongs to the exterior of the Paul Smith store on Melrose Avenue. You probably already knew that though, because it might just be the most instagrammed wall in L.A. ever to exist.

A Cooler Alternative: 6th Street Bridge’s Turquoise Brick Wall

6th Street Bridge
Los Angeles, CA

If you’re looking for a one-color backdrop for a quick photoshoot, why not opt for something just as aesthetic but a little more original? This beautiful turquoise-blue wall can be found about five minutes away from the (now destroyed) 6th Street Bridge. These layered bricks will bring way more life to your photo than the monotonous pink tones of Paul Smith’s walls.

2. The Cliché: Colette Miller’s Angel Wings

Colette Miller’s angel wings can be found everywhere, but that doesn’t stop locals and tourists from embarking on urban adventures just to nab a pic in front these wings. It makes sense (kind of)—because they did first appear here in Los Angeles.

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An Edgier Alternative: Free City Stripes

1139 Highland Ave
Los Angeles, CA

It’s not a perfect substitute, but let’s face it: angel wing photos are no longer all the rage. Everybody’s gramming it from all over the world, from Honolulu all the way to Melbourne. This wall from Free City’s building on Highland Avenue is definitely a groovier alternative.  You’ll also get brownie points for being a little less basic.

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3. The Cliché: Made in LA

Since its appearance in 2013, this wall has become one of the most popular backdrops for locals to show their hometown pride. Seriously, are you even from L.A. if you’ve never struck a candid in front of this wall?

A More Wholesome Alternative: The California Dreaming Wall

Chinese Laundry
3485 La Cienega Blvd

We get it, you’re from Los Angeles, not California—there’s a difference. But at the end of the day, who wouldn’t dig this funky ombré reminiscent of the 80’s? 

4. The Cliché: RETNA’s Graffiti Murals

Once an edgy wall mural, now an extra trendy backdrop for instagrammers to humble-brag about their adventures in L.A. Designed by contemporary artist RETNA, these graffiti murals showcase unique script derived from Blackletter, Arabic, and Hebrew Calligraphy. 

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A Spunkier Alternative: Black and White Stripes Wall

209 Broadway St
Venice, CA

This edgy black and white mural by artist Love bErto is the perfect alternative. Its simplicity is what makes this backdrop so chic.

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Check out some other ridiculously underrated murals perfect for instagram pics:

The Colorful Wave Mural by Love bErto

1201 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice

Aviator Nation Wall

1224 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice

Colorblocks by Love bErto

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209 Broadway St, Venice

Now sit back, relax, and let the likes roll in.

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