We’re not sure how we feel about this.

Apparently, the chain that brought Chicago sushi burritos (aptly titled Sushi Burrito) has bestowed a new, quirkier version of the snack upon the city. That’s right—the combination of Japanese and Mexican cuisines will be graced with the presence of an all-American one: Cheetos. They’re rolling the sushi burritos in Cheetos.

Time Out Chicago says the new flavors will include crazy salmon, featuring an original Cheetos exterior, and shrimp, with a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos one. Interestingly, this decision doesn’t look to be completely off the beaten path for the restaurant, as they already have burritos featuring both Cheetos and Doritos rolled into the inside on their menu (the Chitown Sushi Burrito and the Crunch Sushi Burrito, respectively).

Still, we can’t say the idea doesn’t feel weird. They’re only $8, and might just be worth trying for the experience if anything else. You can head over to their locations in Lakeview or Lincoln Park to give them a try.

Unholy combination, or what the world has always needed? You decide.

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