It’s called “Homesick for Chicago,” and as soon as you start watching it, you’ll understand why. Featuring gorgeous footage captured by a drone high up above the city, the film conveys a true love of the city that only Chicagoans could understand. Zooming in on memorable spots, and zooming out on the city at large, the video plays like a visual love letter to Chicago, with a dramatic string accompaniment that will certainly tug at your heart strings. As underscore films, the makers of this video wrote about this work:

It’s hard to say goodbye to someone you love but nothing can prepare you to say goodbye to your city. We were born here, had our hearts broken then mended and we grew up into business men. Chicago is something you have to let into your soul to understand. Although our careers lead us out west to Los Angeles, our hearts will forever remain in the Windy City.

True that. Watch this video and just try not to shed a tear by the time you’re done.

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