Good news! Everyone’s favorite tweeting T. Rex is staying on Twitter.

SUE the T. Rex, who “lives” at Chicago Field Museum, sent waves through the Twittersphere when the Twitter account announced that not only would the best preserved Tyrannosaurus rex specimen leave the central hallway but the prolific tweeter would also retire from the social media platform.

Surprisingly, the decision to move SUE to make room for a skeleton of the world’s largest plant eater was met with less controversy than the Twitter departure news. After a massive push by fans, the T. Rex’s twitter handle reversed the decision and said it would stick around to continue tweeting punny facts about the museum, share Jeff Goldblum memes, and make declarations of love for ham.

In case you missed the news, SUE will be boxed up later this year so the museum can start making space for a Patagotitan mayorum.

Chicago Field Museum

SUE will be brought upstairs into a new exhibit hall that’s more fitting for the skeleton’s stature. Dismantling the skeleton also provides a rare opportunity to reassemble the specimen based on new information gathered over the last two decades. For example, according to the Chicago Tribune, “her gastralia — a set of sort of belly ribs currently displayed on their own, in a case — will join the mount for the first time based on new understanding of how they fit in the skeleton.”

If you haven’t checked out SUE’s twitter account, here are some of the highlights from the last few weeks.

One of the opponents of SUE leaving Twitter was Pete Larson who led the skeleton’s excavation team.

Thankfully, the cancellation was quite possibly a ploy for more ham.

The T. Rex prefers “SUE” be capitalized to help distinguish between the dinosaur and discoverer Sue Hendrickson.

This sums up the SUE twitter experience.

Sometimes people are critical over the fact that Tyrannosauri might “cluck” like chickens.

SUE really likes Jeff Goldblum.

SUE has opinions on fantasy.

SUE is coping, erm, well with the move.


News about asteroids makes SUE nervous.

SUE likes to cosplay.

SUE can’t get out much, but loves her home city of Chicago.

Has a kind heart.


We don’t know the skeletons gender so SUE identifies as non-binary.

SUE is a Dungeon Master.

Is anti-body shaming.


Just one more...