Chicago eateries and drinkeries are getting into the spirit of the season. Here are two places in Chicago where your mouth can get in on the Star Wars action.

Paulie Gee’s
2451 N Milwaukee

The Logan Square pizza restaurant is celebrating the release of The Last Jedi with pizzas featuring iconic vehicles and characters. You can bite into a saucy stormtrooper, a cheesy TIE fighter, a doughp Princess Leia, or a pie-shaped R2-D2. First come, first serve all weekend.

Alulu Brewpub
2011 S Laflin Street

Alulu is serving up a Star Wars inspired menu paired with beer. According to Redeye, the menu features three items: the Brualki Brisket was an item on the menu of Dex’s Diner in Episode II, the Gamorrean Tenderloin references the Gamorrean guards in Jabba’s Palace, and the Hutt’s Guts is “Korean barbecue-marinated pork belly, topping it with kimchi and blackened and smoked jalapeño.”



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